Creating a law requiring studios to make 3 Family Films a year Family Film Awards   So, having been fed up with the Hollywood Film Industry monopoly of the day back in 1995, when Antonio Gellini hit the scene he sought to bring the monopoly down and his effectiveness is one of legend, as he single handedly formed the process which forced the industry to make policies, which upon his activism with his arrival initiated the demand for more films of G and PG ratings to be produced by film studios,  (and thanks to his association and friendship with Jack Valeni (then President of the Motion Picture Association of America) and a meeting of Dr. Gellini with him and President Bill Clinton,who were in agreement with him) and put these new regulations into effect creating within law a clause providing that the film studios must make at least three family oriented feature films per year which created and maintained a real value for these films within the industry,  and then, Dr. Gellini, by instituting an awards platform (which came into being shortly thereafter, and a highly rated very successful television awards show which was produced by Dick Clark Productions in conjunction with its creator Antonio Gellini and The World Film Institute and which was titled the Family Film Awards.Antonio was co-executive producer for the Family Film Awards Television Special of August 1996.The Family Film Awards still exist for family oriented entertainment and which are meant to bridge the gaps between studios, for creating a kind of cooperation between studios, encouraging through healthy competition the making of better, healthy family and children’s films through honoring top producers, directors and actors of the industry for excellence in the making of family films.  Later when the studios attempted to take Dr. Gellini to court in an effort to stop him in continuation of using the trade names “Family Film Awards” and “World Film Awards” in conjunction and partnership with Dick Clark Productions the famous Judge Green determined that Dr. Gellini has full rights to his logo and the created names for his projects, including that of the use of the name Dick Clark Productions and of the original Awards Show and its various identifications. ANTONIO GELLINI Portrait of a Hollywood