Reza was in the human trafficking business and frequently traveled to Iran to hunt for his subjects.  Close friends and relatives knew about his business, no one cared to talk about it.  In fact, some had this chauvinistic attitude and seemingly applauded his endeavor, that is until he came after me. 
One day, about six years ago, when I returned home from high school, the look on my mother and sister’s faces were telling me that there was a surprise for me in the store.  After a quick bite, I ran to my mother and asked if any development that I did not know?  After a short pause, she happily said that there was a suitor for me who was coming to our house that night.  She continued to say that my prospective partner was an American citizen in good finances and was looking for a partner to start a family life and wanted five children.  I looked down and tried to hide my embarrassment. After a few seconds, I asked her how she could work out the whole details herself?   My mother than added, that I should take the opportunity that was knocking at my door.  She further disclosed, that there were dozens of other candidates who deeply desired to marry him.  But he was already infatuated by my pretty looks and was serious to tie the knot.
That evening, my suitor, Reza, along with his family, came to our house.  Obviously they looked like noble people and Reza had a sense of humor.  Within a couple of hours my gut kept telling me that I should seize this opportunity and marry this man who would take me to America, where I would be able to continue my education.  Everything went so fast and smoothly and we said our vows. 
Three month after our marriage, I found myself in a lavishly decorated mansion located on the top of a hill overlooking the fantastic scenery of Burbank, Ca.  Our mansion contained four bedroom plus all possible facilities.  It came to my mind that this could be a wonderful place to have those five children.  From the very beginning days after my arrival, Reza, sent me to some sort of fashion school where I could learn everything about fashion and dancing like the Hollywood stars.  Reza believed that with my skin looked like cookie dough, brown and smooth and silky with defined legs and a seductive cleavage.  I had to supersede the other women attending lavish parties.  In the beginning, it seemed natural to me and so I did not show any reaction to his suggestions.  I always accompanied him to big parties, thrown by his friends and partners.  Soon, Reza became persistent for me to wear provocative outfits that exposed my cleavage and curves, so that I could look more western, like models look.  I still tried to follow him as I was being praised by everyone.  After a while, some lascivious and lustful men approached me asking indecent demands.  After I relayed to my husband about his friend’s inappropriate behavior, he burst out laughing and said, ‘the opportunity has now come to us.’  He urged me to somehow to put my emotion on the line with anyone who approached me, to give me a major visual boost. 
Now, I had to flirt with the people of his choice attending the parties.  He had made feel insecure and like I had to prove my worthiness to him.  If only I were nicer, smarter or thinner, our relationship would be better.  He was very shameless.  He felt that his entire world had been wrapped in making me over.  The less successful he was, the more he was willing to resort to coercion and possibly violence.  I soon realized that I had been duped into modern day slavery. 
The last party I went to with my so called husband, it was a boozy night out with a group and my mind kept returning to a conversation Reza and I had had before our marriage.  At that time we had affirmed that it was time to make big decisions as a couple.  I had said yes, without a shadow of doubt in my mind.  That night at the party, Reza begged me to have a sex with a man whom he had chosen.  Suddenly, it seemed as though a huge mountain was about to crush down on me like powder.  I answered him by saying, “Shame on you you big pimp.” 
Recently, I found out that Reza had been engaged to another girl with the same ill intentions as had hatched about me.  I thought I should intervene before the problem snowballs into an even worse situation.  I was wondering how one year of adventure and camaraderie could flatline so quickly, but the truth was undeniable.  A breakup was the point at which the power could be taken away, sending him into a panic, when certain other traits which are part of his personality, can manifest harassment and verbal and physical abuse.  His reasoning about this behavior was to feel secure about himself, yet in reality it took and his manliness away.  He believed it was an acceptable way to express himself. 
That night after returning home, we had a really big argument and I packed up and slammed the door behind me.  It was just seven moths ago, when I came across one of my friends who had been victimized by Reza, like myself.  It has taken those last seven months for me and Sharareh to find new clues of Reza’s other victims, it turned out to be some seven other young women.  When we tried to track down Reza, we found him with a new prey, his twentieth.  Reza was so shocked. 
He finally was brought to justice and the court is going to issue a confiscation on his properties to be divided between us as his victims.  Although we had no intention to possess his holdings, we are determined to see that justice is being served to him.  As an unscrupulous man he has to get what he deserves.  We are hoping that his punishment will be a wake up call for all those disgraceful people who take advantage of innocent and decent young girls.