“Adventure is worthwhile”. – Aristotle
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide


By Justin Wallner
Vice President
World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards
Exclusive Personal Publicist of Dr. Antonio Gellini

History continues with the planning of the world’s first Olympics of the Arts, the Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias. The 12 Olympias include the 9 Arts of Olympia (Dance, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Theater, Film, Fashion and Culinary Arts) as well as three special events – the Olympia Humanitarian Awards, the Special Olympia Awards for artists with special needs and the Miss Olympia Pageant to showcase the inner and outer beauty of pageant queens from the world’s many cultures.
The Olympia World Tour, which has included the great nations of Ireland, Germany, China, Dubai, Turkey, England, France, Taiwan, Iran, Japan, Russia and Denmark, continues before the end of August 2016 to the Philippines before returning to China once again to meet her leaders before returning next month.
Dr. Gellini will travel with Mr. Felix Lopez, President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce – South East Corridor (FACC-SEC) and Mr. Lino Caringal, Jr., President of Pangasinan Brotherhood USA to visit the Philippines and her leaders before visiting China for a second time with American-Chinese CEO Society (ACCS), including their Founder Mr. Robert Sun and a large US delegation.

Changing of the Guard

Recently there was a “changing of the guard” in the Philippines. One of the first actions of their newly inaugurated President Rodrigo Duterte is the appointment of Mr. Adelio Angelito S. Cruz to the position of Philippine Consul General Los Angeles.
Mr. Cruz recently arrived from the Philippines to his post at the Philippine Consulate General Los Angeles office. One of his first orders of business was to meet with Dr. Antonio Gellini, Founder & Chairman of World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards and Mr. Justin Wallner, Vice President and exclusive personal publicist of Dr. Gellini. The three met recently with others including resident Consul Mary Joy B. Ramirez, Felix B. Lopez, Founding President of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce – South East Corridor and Mr. Lino F. Caringal, Jr, President of Pangasinan Brotherhood.

Olympia Awards in the Philippines

Mr. Cruz has pledged his support to the expansion of the Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias in the Philippines. Dr. Gellini along with Mr. Lopez and others will visit the Philippines soon to speak with Mayors, Dignitaries and Heads of State to discuss the planning and successful facilitation of the Olympia Awards in the Philippines. They are planning to meet with Governor Amado Espino III and are traveling to Pangasinan, Bolinao, Sual, San Carlos City, Binmaley, Laoac and Urdaneta City. Special thanks to Mr. Fernandico Q. Gonong, Jr., Chairman of Manila Express for publishing their recent article about this meeting and we also thank Javanan Magazine as well as the Editor-In-Chief Mr. Mehdi Zokaei, President of our Advisory Board.
On behalf of all the Olympia Ambassadors and the Executives and Staff of World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards, we thank all the leaders of the Philippines and her beautiful people, beautiful country and beautiful culture from the bottom of our hearts for appreciating the value of Artists and Culture. Together we are unifying the world through the Universal Language of Art. “Salamat po” to the leaders of the Philippines!
Current members of the Board of Directors of World Film Institute, Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias are Dr. Antonio Gellini as Founder and Chairman, his business partner Mr. Allan Jay Friedman as President, Senior Vice Presidents Mr. Joel Diamond and Ms. Rossana Huang, Executive Vice President Mr. Ashkan Tabibnia, Vice President Mr. Justin Wallner who is also the exclusive personal publicist of Dr. Gellini. Mr. Kenneth Holm is the Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Koji Mizukami is the Secretary. The Advisory Board includes Mr. Mehdi Zokaei as President, Dr. Maria Simms as Vice President and Michelle Simms as a Board Member as well. Soon we will appoint more people from different studios and networks to various positions on both the Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

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