Los Angeles-based Opium Moon won a Grammy for their self-titled debut, and on March 12th they return with La La Lai, a celebratory new song just in time for the Persian Nowruz (New Year) holiday — and a tantalizing taste of their forthcoming sophomore album, their first with Six Degrees Music Distribution. The full album project, DAY + NIGHT, is due for release this summer.

Hamid Saeidi says, “I have chosen this song for Nowruz because our lives have been forcefully changed, our paths and routines so drastically that we had to adapt to this new and isolated lifestyle. Hence, our energies have been condensed during these hard times, confined within our four walls waiting for redemption — to finally be able to enjoy life, music, and dance again. ‘La La Lai’ reaches deep down to that part of ourselves to reaffirm, ‘Yes! We are ready to connect and be joyful together once again!’ Let’s start again — and with what better than this happy tune.”

The band are a global intersection of powerhouse talent who work with spontaneity and intuition to create elegant, captivating music that evokes an ancient past while sounding fresh and contemporary.

Violinist & vocalist Lili Haydn is a formidable artist and film composer who has toured and played with such artists as Herbie Hancock, Sting, Roger Waters, Page & Plant, George Clinton, and even Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. George Clinton calls her “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.”

Tehran native Hamid Saeidi is a santoor master of sublime talent who commands great respect in the Persian diaspora. Itai Disraeli is an acclaimed, innovative Israeli bassist who’s worked with Larry Coryell and others.

Percussionist MB Gordy is a master drummer who you’ve heard on every epic film score of the last 20 years. The band is like a musical peace mission, with members from Israel, Iran, Canada and the U.S., and of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Together they are mesmerizing, electrifying their audiences and forging a new chapter of contemporary instrumental music that transcends genre; it’s a unique sound that is engaging, intuitive, and masterfully played with purest intention. This is music that can help foster peace and conciliation.