Kevin Sanjari ( Khashayar Sanjari) joined Paragon in 1987 and performed every job before becoming President in 2019 thus gaining extensive knowledge of what makes Paragon so successful.  Paragon is the largest and fastest growing security company in Ontario, Canada providing a full spectrum of security programs to more than 700 facilities across multiple business sectors. Clients include Fortune 500, Fortune 100, real estate organizations, and large property management companies.

As a leader, he observed that it is easier to align leadership teams and employees within small companies.  With Paragon’s tremendous growth, he recognized the need to create written statements to guide decision making. For that reason, he led the development of The Paragon Pillars – representing the company’s promises to their clients. 

Kevin explains: “The Paragon Pillars are our core values, our DNA.  We had to think hard about who we are and what we stand for.  These are promises we must keep.”  

The published Paragon Pillars are:

Customer-Centric Leadership

We cannot control events; we succeed by the speed of our response, the strength of our partnerships, and the quality of our solutions.

Service Excellence

Paragon is committed to our client’s success. Our service teams are agile and strive to deeply understand clients and their priorities. We deliver exceptional service, establish strong partnerships, and build trust every day.

Each Person Matters

At Paragon, we like our employees. Each of us started as a guard.  Employee success is our success. We are genuine, focused and committed in our goal to support each guard to achieve their full potential on the job.

Security Innovation

Security is constantly evolving. We leverage our years of experience, combined with emerging technologies and fresh young minds to lead our industry through innovation. Every day there is more to be learned. 

To leverage the Pillar: Innovation, the teams under Kevin are empowered to be creative and challenge the industry status quo. In 2018 Paragon was awarded the Best Innovation and Technology award for designing, developing, and implementing a proprietary enterprise software program called PRISM (Paragon Reporting Internal Software Management). This program is a customized scheduling and human resource management system designed for security personnel services. 

This is just an example of how Kevin leverages the Paragon Pillars to guide all decision making.  As a result, Paragon’s culture and employee engagement are strong.  

Business Achievements:

Kevin was recognized and awarded the “Best Security VP of the Year in Canada” by the CV International Business Magazine for three consecutive years, during 2016-2018. He was also recognized by the Global 100 Leaders in 2018 for best Senior Security Vice President and Global 100 President of the year, Canada 2019-2020-2021.

Kevin helped to establish the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association® (CSLA®) in 2019. The Canadian Security Lifesaver Association® is a non-profit organization that seeks to recognize security professionals and raise awareness of their significant contributions to Canadians. 

Sports Achievements:

In his personal life, Kevin started training track and field at the age of 19 and became 3-time Iranian national champion in Long Jump and Triple Jump. He arrived in Canada in 1986, and on the advice of his friend Mahmoud Niroumand (Iranian Decathlon Champion) currently the most decorated USA masters track and field athlete, began training once again in 2004 and became 6-time Canadian Masters champion, participating in 3 World Championships in Long jump, Triple Jump, and Pentathlon. Kevin also won the Silver Medal at the Boston USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championship in 2006.

Kevin Sanjari


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