By Dr. Robert Bamban

Most ethics deals with problems of human desires and needs of everyday life. The goal is achieving happiness. This can only happen if one is living in a secure and safe society. A lifelong ambition in any logical way of thinking is to have a solution that is satisfying solution. In a secure and safe society, we see the freedom of individuals who do associate with Church, Unions, Political parties etc. This is a core liberty that state guarantees and the law enforcement implements the liberty of association, freedom of information, religion and liberty of freedom of speech of any individual in a democratic society. It is certainly an accepted fact that existence of law is a positive and paramount factor in any society. We take granted certain factors in everyday life that we have easy access to them. When we need help and protection direct or indirect we know that help is only few minutes away – probably just a phone call will guarantee that help is on its way. Sometimes we tend to forget there are jobs that are so dangerous that when one is departing home in the morning is not so sure that what the day will bring for him or her. The social and mental stress is tremendous, and the pressure is also strongly felt by family members, and without any doubt man and women in uniform our bastion of freedom the front line and the final line in any democratic society. They are the defenders of liberty and public safety. In our city of angels, we have two very large law enforcement bodies. LASD & LAPD. We also have certain cities that have their own local PD force. Naturally in times of need there is communication or exchange of information among the law enforcement forces.
In recent years, events in Middle East has impacted almost all societies around the world such as France, India, Belgium, UK and US etc. Each in its own different way, and it seems that for so many reasons we are going to witness the continuation of the impact of the Middle East turmoil in Western countries.


LASD was formed in 1850. Presently it employs nearly 19,000 personnel and it is the largest Sheriff Department in United States. The vigilant law abiding population of LA has an excellent positive attitude and respect for men and women of LASD. This positive way of thinking has created a unity in our diverse communities of LA, and has produced magnificent results. Naturally, all law enforcement establishments do need and welcome the trust from general public. This can be in form of better understanding the structure of different cultures and possibly different needs that each community or society is facing in everyday life. Obviously it is significant that LASD is giving equal opportunity to men and women who would like to join the LASD. But, as we all know, the present turmoil in faraway places can show up anywhere including the most peaceful and relaxing places. Hence, although we hope and wish that evil acts will never happen, but as we are not living in Utopia and evil acts have not been eradicated yet, one must remain vigilant without being derailed from everyday life.
We would like to show our appreciation to the LASD for the tremendous hard work they do 24/7 protecting everyone regardless of race and religion. Defending the good against the bad and giving hope and encouragement that the law abiding people can rest assure that there is someone there when there is a need for. Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s leadership, has given the public confidence that LASD is a strong working law enforcement body that looks after the safety and security needs of millions of people.
We thank everyone in LASD.