Known for his innovation of new arts forms adapted from music and film, Allan’s entertainment and theatrical career began when he wrote a modern-day adaptation of the fairytale, “Rapunzel,” now called “Moshe and Me.” This musical was optioned by Roger L. Stevens, the Founder of the Kennedy Center and the Producer of “Westside Story.”
Soon thereafter, he was commissioned by The Dramatic Publishing Company to compose the score for the only authorized versions of J.R.R. Tolkien ‘s musical stage adaptation of The Hobbit and A.A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh.”
Jackie Kennedy was really who started Friedman’s career, and Bobby Kennedy as well, who asked him to produce the project, “The Young Man from Boston.” Friedman created and composed the music for the documentary.
Later, Bobby Kennedy chose Friedman as the Producer-Writer-Composer of the TV Series, “The 1000 Days of JFK.”
After a ten year hiatus because of the death of his partner, Dick Clark, Antonio Gellini, the Founder of the World Film Institute and Awards, the Olympia Awards and the Family Film Awards, chose Allan to be his partner. He currently works on producing and composing for the Family Film Awards.
Anotnio Gelllini, also known as Behrouz Jallili, says of Friedman, “It is an honor to work with him. Mr. Allen knows and has worked with so many people. I love him with all my heart.”
Friedman says of working with Gellini, “It’s rare to meet heart-driven people in the world, but God speaks through our hearts.”
He also explains what the message is behind his production company, “Everything that Picture Book does is heart-driven and to elevate the world.”
Along with winning Emmy Awards, Friedman has written over 5000 pieces of music and 15 produced musicals. Mr. Friedman gets hundreds of productions a year of his works, many of which have been performed at such places as the Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center.
Some of Mr. Friedman’s projects, for which he wrote either the music or music and lyrics and libretto include: the musical version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ written with Multi-Academy Award Winner, Paul Francis Webster and “Pinocchio and Mounette,” written with Bob Merrill ( Funny Girl and Carnival).
Through collaboration with Frank Sinatra, Allan was introduced to Gene Kelly, who became his first producing partner. Friedman has also worked with David L. Wolper, Steve Allen, Vidal Sassoon, and others.
Friedman is also the President of The Center for Top Performance, whose Board of Advisors include Nobel Prize Laureates, Olympic and Professional Athletes and Celebrities.
Picture Book Productions plans to tour its musicals soon.
Javanan Radio will be interviewing Friedman this week and scheduled air times are listed on www.javanan.com.