Two Sources of Financial Help for People With Disabilities, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are separate and distinct programs sharing one common purpose … helping Americans who are unable to work or support themselves because of a disability. These programs were not part of the Social Security Act originally when signed into law by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but were added in later years.
Both programs, SSDI and SSI, are run by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and are similar in other respects as well. The claims process is the same. The appeals process is the same. The basic age requirements and having a disability that will prevent you from doing any work for at least one year are the same as well.
California Disability Advocates/ CDA offers experienced legal help for SSDI and SSI claims alike. In fact, this is the only work we do. Call or contact us today for a free consultation. 310-445-3322 or visit our website at Jalilvandgroup.com

Why do you need to hire a firm to help you with your Disability Claims?
MJ: A lot of individuals think that it would be easy to claim disability benefits if they get injured physically or suffer mental conditions that will prevent them from doing substantial work. However, for those who have gone through the actual process of claiming disability benefits, they know that this is not usually the case.
In filing a disability claim, for example, it is important to know the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Most claims initially get denied outright because of either misapplication or lack of proof or general requirements in filing of disability claims. Also, time is a factor in applying for disability benefits as getting qualified for disability benefits is a long process and it could take three to five months before you receive a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA).
As you can see, it is very important that you provide the best claim possible in order for you to increase your chances of getting approved and this is where at California Disability Advocates we can help you get that edge.
mmediately after getting physically injured or having recently suffered physical and mental conditions that prevented you from doing substantial work, even if you are not sure if you qualify for disability benefits, it is best to seek our advice as soon as possible so we can inform you of your rights and promptly assist you in applying for the correct disability benefits you need to apply for in order to get the full financial disability benefit to which you are entitled.
At California Disability Advocates (CDA) we can definitely help you prepare and file all the medical/psyche and/or employment records necessary for you to be able to properly apply for your disability benefits. On the other hand, for those who have already been initially denied coverage or failed to qualify. We can help you prepare and file for reconsideration or appeal and assist you in the disability hearings and throughout the whole disability claim process.
Our team of Social Security disability Advocates are recognized by hearing judges and staff throughout Los Angeles and other counties in California. With this recognition, you can be assured that your concerns will be met with positive and prompt response, whether it be for: Social Disability Insurance claims; Supplemental Security Income claims; Disability hearings; Social Security appeals; Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD); Permanent Disability Claims; Long-term disability benefits; ODAR hearings and claims; and RSDI benefits
We are here to get you the disability benefits you deserve. Through honest and sincere desire to help every person who experienced physical and mental impairments, which keeps them from doing substantial work, our disability attorneys and staff will make sure that you are taken cared off throughout the process and inform you of the status of your claims at key points in the proceedings while making certain that you get all the disability benefits due you.
At California Disability Advocates we take pride in our ability to fight for your rights and obtain every disability benefits you deserve.


Contingency Fee Based

We understand that one primary consideration why people who are in dire need of disability benefits hesitate to seek legal help is because of the legal costs. Consistent with our goals and honest desire to help people who are qualified to receive disability benefits, we offer Free Case Evaluation or consultation so that we can immediately inform you of your rights and help you intelligently decide on how to go about claiming your disability benefits at no cost at all.
We are even willing to assist you in your claims on a Contingency Basis. This basically means that you don’t have to pay immediately upon obtaining our legal services. We will assist you and handle your disability claims without asking for processing fees and advances from you. It is only after we have successfully obtained the disability benefits due you that we take a percentage of the benefits we are able to successfully obtain for you.
You basically do not pay until we win your case.
At California Disability Advocates, we make sure that we understand where you are coming from. We sincerely listen to every disability claimant’s situation so we can better understand and determine the actual benefits each claimant deserves. If you or any of your loved ones need to file permanent disability claim, disability appeal or reconsideration of denial of disability benefits in California, Call Us Now at 310-445-3322 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can E-Mail us at cdaoffices.comor take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.