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The “Global Officials of Dignity Awards” known as (G.O.D) Award was an evening of dignity, honor and celebration of life for humanitarian purposes.

The (G.O.D Awards honored individuals who had outstanding civic and charitable stewardship and had significantly improved the quality of life in their communities through their expertise, talents and skills.

“We Care for Humanity” known as “WCH” fired up his annual (G.O.D) Awards at the “Academy of Television Arts & Science, home of Emmy Awards. This black tie Humanitarian Awards Ceremony led by cultural and philanthropy “Maria Amor”. She is the founder and president of “We care For Humanity and creator of G.O.D Awards. The evening started with red carpet, Celebrities silent auction, cocktail and was filled with Royalties, Celebrities, Performers and hosted by “ Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” Actress Reatha Grey, Actor and producer Jesse Jam Miranda and “America’s Got Talent” Chris La Vrar.

“We care For Humanity” is a nonprofit organization (501c3) which aims to promote the development of friendly relations between nations and foundation of freedom, justice and peace of the world. The beneficiaries of the G.OD awards are:
Give Love to Abatex (A dumpsite community located in Montalban, Rizal Philippines)
Friends of Ho Diocese (For building more schools and churches in Ghana, Africa)
Hope of the Valley (To feed homeless in Los Angeles)
Anti-Le Prosy Fr. Bhat (To battle with Leprosy, India


A Thank You letter from Maria Amor, President and founder of “We care for Humanity”
I don’t know where to begin my heartfelt gratitude for the immense success of the G.O.D. AWARDS! There are so many beautiful souls who selflessly contributed their time, effort and energy to a now legit globally recognized Award Giving Body for Humanitarians!
But let me start by thanking our sponsors, for without them, G.O.D. Awards would have remained a plan waiting to be executed.. UMAC, Intl., IMProductions, Party To Go, Tatyana Peter, Van Dichoso, Airline Ambassadors Intl., Jammin Productions, Hayavi Live Intl., AKD, Empower Group of Companies, Lily Lisa, Aaron Productions, Brett Hunt, Bobbie Chance- Expression Unlimited, Bianca Weddings, Splash Magazine, Rock Thiz Magazine, KNRN fm Radio, Javanan Magazine and Radio, House of Champions, No More Poverty, Nader Rafiee Omid e Iran TV and Presenter,  Omnicia, North Valley Military Institute, Buzz of LA, FAT Media, Swirls Cupcakes by Maria Amor, BPI Remittance Center and Livestreamers.com. And also thanks to Sameer Moosani for the champagne, Terry Cook for the beers and some tequila, Sotol Agave and Aaron David for the stool Agave liquor and wines.
To the performers who gave life to the whole event- George Komsky, Colleen Lloy, Funkalicious, Melissa Lee Diehl, Laci Kay, Issac Hanna, Steve Gail, Michael Peer and Chris La Vrar, your talents were amazing! And to the wonderful models of Tatyana Peter and Hayavi Moradi, thank you for your grace and beauty. Excellent job rendered by the emcees Jesse Jam Miranda, Reatha Grey and Chris La Vrar who truly hyped the crowd!
To our Presenters and Guest of Honors who gave so much prestige to our cause, Congresswoman Diane Watson (Honoree), Councilman Dennis Zine (Honoree), Prince Frederic Von Anhalt of Germany, Princess Eleonora Kantemir of Moldova, Princess Harakawa- Nubiasian Royalty, Jeraldine Saunders (The Love Boat Creator), Fashion Icon-Sue Wong, Former President of Free Government of Vietnam-Chanh Huu Nguyen (Honoree), BAPAC President- Percy Pinkney (Honoree), Airline Ambassador Intl. Founder- Nancy Rivard, Mayor James Dear of Carson, City Council Candidate Cindy Montanez, Monk Gg and many more glittering stars!
To our International delegates who crossed a thousand miles to partake generously in this event, Jeannette Slavinski from UK and Monk Gg from South Korea, our much appreciation and pleasure for your honorable presence!
To my unbelievable creative best friend Tatyana Peter, you put on a great Fashion show, the pieces are exquisite, you’re simply amazing!


To the media and photographers, my warmest gratitude for your undying support! Carlos Zeron who is one of our Official Photographer; Isidric Panganiban, Louis for our official film production and Dennis Mathews for our official livestreaming, thank you!
To the Honorees and winners of the 1st G.O.D. AWARDS, it was such an honor and pleasure to have you as our first batch of legends and Honorees, you are now part of WCH history and your names will not only be inculcated in our hearts but will be literally engraved to WCH Monument that’s being planned along with WCH Group Homes facility for the children. To the Nominees of G.O.D. AWARDS, thank you for sportsmanship and integrity, you are all winners in our hearts!
USA Humanitarian Ambassador-Ken Craft
Canadian Humanitarian Ambassador-Sandra Baskh
Portugal Humanitarian Ambassador-Cadaffy Jones
UK Humanitarian Ambassador-Jeannette Slavinski
Indonesian Humanitarian Ambassador-Molly Mcleim
Persian Humanitarian Ambassador-Farah Shokouhi
Pakistan Humanitarian Ambassador-Sameer Moosani
Actor/Humanitarian Teen of the Year-Noah Dahl
Broadway Icon of the Year-Darrel Holnes
Comedian of the Year-Brett Hunt
Foreign Innovative Designer of the Year-Issam Mamkagh
Global Youth Entertainer-Mahkenna Tyson
Man of the Year- USA Kenneth Monroe
Woman of the Year- Asia-Lily Lisa
Man of the Year- Asia Chanh Huu Nguyen
Hollywood Power Mover-Jeff Gund
Distinguished Artist of the Year-Steve R. Allen
Distinguished Woman of the Year- Madam MC Townsend
Best in Social Media-Giovi Zamora
Lifetime Achievement Award-Dennis Zine
Female Lifetime Achievement Award-Bobbie Shaw Chance
Human Rights Legend-Dolores Huerta
Actor/Humanitarian Man of the Year-Eric Roberts
Dignitary Woman of the Year-Diane Watson
Dignitary Man of the Year-Percy Pinkney
Global Woman of the Year-Nancy Rivard
Leadership Award-Mark Parra
Music Award-Marneen Lynn Fields
Health & Fitness Award-Erin Morgart
International Young Artist-Melissa Lee Dieh
Photographer of the Year-Pheren Soephadi
Business Woman of the Year-Alexandra Ropati
Child Actor of the Year- Athena Katalaris
Young Talent Award- Laci Kay
Media Award- Rock Thiz Magazine, KNRNfm Radio
Performing Arts Award- Funkalicious
Emily Roberts No Borders Award- Tyrone Cain
WCH Advisory Member of the Year-Jesse Jam Miranda
Woman of the Year- Europe- Bianca Silvia Porrino
And last but not the least, to the WCH Board of Directors and Advisory Council and the G.O.D. Team, YOU are the ultimate reason why we G.O.D. is a grand success! Tita Em Roberts, you worked harder than anybody else in this organization, I don’t know what I would do without you.. To Mercy Alpert, Carol Wyner, Jesse Jam Miranda, Molly Mcleim, Hayavi Moradi, Lily Tabafunda, Aldrin Mendoza, I am so lucky to have all of you!
To our beloved Volunteers- Hector Sarinana, Krishna Ayungao, Pauline Ranjbar, Alicia Dahl, James Mason, Moni Kalman, Robert Alba, Greg Thompson, Jacob Charlot, Venise Bequerfo, Nicole Bridges, Zana Sayegh and many more (Please forgive me if I missed you names), thank you for dedicating your time for our noble cause.