For Dear Hamid Dehimi


My name is Yasemin Khodadadi and I have written this piece for Hamid Dehimi.
Growing up with a passion for music since the age of 5, convinced me to learn to play an instrument. It was at the age of 8 that Hamid Dehimi fulfilled my dream of becoming a pianist.
I have been a student of Mr. Dehimi’s, following in my mother’s footsteps, for over 25 years. Mr. Dehimi is an incredible talent. He is patient, he is diligent and he has a true love for music. It was my dream to one day have Mr. Dehimi instruct my own children. And today, he is giving that gift to my eight year old daughter Chloe, and my six year old daughter, Darya.
I am forever indebted to Mr. Hamid Dehimi. Not only has he made me a musician and avid pianist, but he has also provided the opportunity for my daughters to receive his gift as well.

Jupiter’s effect on Earth’s Climate


By Professor George V. Chilingar
Emeritus of Petroleum and Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California.
Interaction panthers of Solar system’s planets started as their accretion stage from the protoplanetary cloud. The exceptionally strong ‘solar wind’ (high-energy stream of charged particles) swept out all gas and volatile components from the circumsolar space onto the distant periphery of our system. The chemical differentiation of the protoplanetary cloud matter was significantly affected by a stronger heating by the Sun of the disk’s central areas even at the stage of its compression and especially after nuclear reactions were ‘fired’ in it. As a result of these mechanisms, condensation occurred in the central areas of the protoplanetary disk of mostly refractory elements and compounds with high ionization potential. At the same time average concentrations of easily fusible and easily ionized elements within this part of the protoplanetary cloud were very low. To a somewhat smaller degree, the Earths’ group planet matter was impoverished in sulphur, zinc, tin and some other elements. Whereas the gas components were almost completely swept out of the internal of the protoplanetary cloud and concentrated at its periphery. There, they subsequently formed planets-giants with massive and high density gas shells, with one such planet being Jupiter. The study demonstrates the cyclic influence of the Jupiter’s mass on the Earth’s climate in connection with the Earths insolation and emphasizes the importance of the future forecast for the Earth’s climate studies. Jupiter’s effect on the Earth’s climate should not be neglected because in the certain time periods it may be significant.

International Tour of Zaul & Rudabeh

Visual artist and 2014 Guggenheim Fellow Hamid Rahmanian is thrilled to partner with ShadowLight Productions and Banu Events & Production to present the largest shadow puppet play ever to be performed — FEATHERS OF FIRE, a breathtaking, cinemascope-sized shadow play based on the 10th century classic Persian epic, Shahnameh (The Book of Kings).
FEATHERS OF FIRE tells the action-packed tale of Zaul and Rudabeh, two star-crossed lovers of old Persia. Zaul is raised by a mythical bird in the wild, his deep love for Rudabeh enables them both to triumph over inconceivable odds, and then give birth to a beloved son, Rostam — the most important mythological hero of Shahnameh.
This family-friendly show is sure to entertain and thrill both children and adults alike. The artistic style and visually stunning imagery created by Rahmanian encompasses over 500 years of the visual arts from cultures ranging from India to the Mediterranean Sea (c. 14th-19th centuries).
Based on Rahmanian’s illustrated book, Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings (2013), FEATHERS OF FIRE utilizes Larry Reed’s hallmark shadow casting methods, incorporating over 160 shadow puppets and performers in elaborate, handmade masks and costumes. Over 100 digitally animated backgrounds lend an authentic texture to the performance and introduce a new visual tradition to the audience, by creating a feeling of live animation — all seamlessly choreographed and projected on a 15’ x 30’ screen. The original score is by Iranian composers Loga Ramin Torkian and Azam Ail of the band Niyaz who enhance the cinematic experience with a modern twist.
The show will start its international tour on 16th of January in San Francisco, USA. And FEATHERS OF FIRE will premiere at Brooklyn Academy of Music February 2-7, 2016, followed by a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 15, 2016. All other venue to be announces.
Produced by Fictionville Studio and Banu Productions and sponsored by Canon.