Pari Amini, a well known Iranian-American painter specializing in pointillism, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Dubna International University, one of Russia’s most prestigious educational institutes, in a ceremony held on Sunday, July 17, at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills, California. 

The award is made as part of the University’s annual celebrations, with honorary degrees presented to people who have made an outstanding contribution to their profession or the community.  Professor Chilingarian decorated Amini with the doctoral robe and Professor Bamban presented to her the honorary PhD degree in Fine Arts in recognition of her outstanding contributions in the field of art, painting and culture.  The honorary degree was approved by the Dubna University at the end of 2009 on the initiative of the Faculty of Arts & Culture.

Pari Amini is widely known for her style of pointillism and portraits of famous women and this remains an important part of her work.  Her work, which includes water and oil color paintings in the genres of portrait, Persian culture, flowers, and birds, is characterized by the intricate detail and information of every piece.

 Aside from a successful artist & painter, Amini has given unparalleled service to the community and was awarded with a certified of appreciation from the University of Southern California for her promotion of human welfare through her art.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department also presented Amini with a certificate in recognition of her Honorary Doctorate and contributions to the fine arts.