Sunday, May 20 will be an evening of tribute to acting legend APICK YOUSEFIAN, a pioneer in theater, television and film in Iran.
Yousefianwas known as always
wearing elegant gowns comparable to her Hollywood counterparts.
Yousefian was chosen actress of the year by Iranian media two years in row.  She was in over hundreds of TV series and shows, and numerous films. Because of her popularity, she was chosen mayor of the city Vanak. She is known to help build the city’s presence in the country.
When she came to America, she starred in the film OMAR KHAYYAM with Diane Baker and Vanessa Redgrave. After years of absence in theater acting, she starred in daughter Mary Apick’s play BENEATH THE VEIL.
Many celebrities, singers, and actors will be in attendance and well-known singers will be expected to perform as well. People will gather on this evening to pay tribute, share stories,and celebrate the achievements of ApickYousefian.



Iranian celebrities will gather on May 31for an evening of tribute singer and songwriter TOOFAN. Over thirty singers, who are also Toofan’s friends, are expected to be in attendance. The singer is recovering from a serious surgery.
Celebrities are expected to perform, pay tribute in speeches and also there to show support.
Toofan has written many songs, including”KhodayehAsemoonhah” for other singers. He is also known for his own pop music.



Singer SAEED MOHAMADI recently released his album ALWAYS LATE after some time away from the music scene. Mohamadi has been spending most of his time studying therapy in college, and plans to continue pursuing the degree. Mohamadi’s wife NEDA is currently studying film and is also the photographer behind Saeed’s recent photos, as well as director of some of his videos. Director ALEC CARTIO is behind Saeed’s video “Eshgeh Man”.
Saeed has 12 songs in his album, four music videos,  one English language song “Papa” and “Lelola” a Spanish song.



It’s been a couple of years that singer MOHAMMAD has been in Iran writing and creating albums with his father, HABIB. Now, the young singer is back to perform concerts throughout the US.



Pop Star ANDY will be performing live in Los Angeles on August 4 at GREEK THEATER. Andy recently performed at a sold out concert in Portland, Oregon for the launch of the JavananPortland.com website. Photos of the event can be seen on JAVANANPORTLAND.COM. Tickets and info for the Greek Theater concert August 4 are available on his official site, AndyMusic.com.

LA MODE 2012


Santa Monica College Fashion Program is presenst “LA Mode 2012,” the annual fashion show in which students will showcase their cutting-edge designs.
“LA Mode” will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 24 at the California Market Center Fashion Theater, 110 E. 9th St in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are $25 and can be obtained by calling (310) 434-3005.
 “We are once again going to witness remarkable design by our talented students this year,” said FereshtehMobasheri, director of the college’s fashion and merchandising program. “
Judges come from all segments of Los Angeles’ thriving garment industry and include Girard, Jacobson, Lesser, Oscar Vera from Bloomingdale’s, GiannaBonacorsi from Juicy Couture, Lisa Berman of Sculpture to Wear, and IlseMetchek, president of the California Fashion Association.
SMC’s fashion design and merchandising program is a rapidly growing program that has sent students to work throughout the U.S. and the world.

An Iranian rapper living in Germany has a $100,000 bounty on his head after Islamist website Shia-Online.ir issued a ‘fatwa’ for a controversial song he released that criticizes the Islamist Republic. Iranian news and religion website Shia-Online.ir said hip-hop star ShahinNajafi deserved to die for a song which it said “grossly insulted” Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi, one of the 12 imams, the religious figures revered by Shi’ite Muslims.
Najafi said his song, ‘Naqi, which focuses on events of the past year, was not mean to criticize or focus on Islam or al-Naqi.YetNajafi said his song, ‘Naqi, which focuses on events of the past year, was not mean to criticize or focus on Islam or al-Naqi.