In The Moment-‘A Woman for House’- Ms. DJ Paulette 

I Enthusiastic, Paulette described the nightlife at Pip’s Nightclub,

“…it was a 7 room nightclub, each dedicated to an original genre of music. Upstairs was the 60‘s room. They had a contemporary room, punk room, the famous Roxy room… and downstairs was the soul room.”

Ms. Paulette began to laugh we she recollected a found memory of seeing the various groups of people move between rooms. Smiling she said, “…as the night goes on, you begin to see the groups of people moving around…so you would get the people with punk, Mohawks and chains standing in the soul room listening to Imagination’s Heart ‘N’ Soul…or you would have the little girls in 60‘s dresses in the punk room dancing. Paulette exclaimed, “That was music. That was real soul.” She confesses that Pip’s Nightclub was one of her true inspiration to aspire in music.

After our delightful interview with ‘DJette’ Paulette, we asked her one last question, what is one piece of advice you could give to females DJs, singers and songwriters who want to aspire in the music industry?

Paulette explained:

“What I would say to any girl is. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, if you want to do it, just go for it and do it. BUT…you will always have people coming after you [Producers and DJs], so go to school and study production. Maybe it’s not necessarily a girly girl thing to be comfortable knowing technology, sampling, albums, the hardware, software or royalties, so just go for it and be a producer, there is nothing and no one to stop you…”

DJ Paulette currently produces a bi-monthly radio show for Radio FG 98.2FM Paris, France. Paulette’s radio show features premium releases from new, old and upcoming artists and is currently syndicated multiple times a week on Underground FG, being distributed to France, Belgium, Morocco and the United States.

When Paulette isn’t hosting her bi-monthly radio show, she’s throwing her infused “Paulette Goes Bang” Parties; From Paris to Ibiza DJ Paulette makes sure every party goes out with a BANG.


n our exclusive “In the Moment” interview with Internationally-acclaimed ‘DJette’, Paulette Constable, Miss Paulette cordially invited us to one of her exclusive Italian Cafés in the heart of Paris. While we indulged in her signature choice of anti-pasta dish, Paulette shared her joyful upbringing in Manchester and her pleasant remembrance at Legendary Club, the Haçienda and Pip’s Nightclub in Manchester.


Past. Present. Future. – An Interview with Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia.


Listen2House had the honor of sitting down with the musical legend, AliShiraziniaaka Dubfire, to talk about the past, present and future. This is a summary of our meeting with Dubfire. We hope to accurately describe and depict how truly respectful, soulful and professional Mr. Shirazinia was in hosting this meeting.

A very true and honorable man, a connoisseur of all things classy, and an excellent musician/ producer for a genre of music which is exploding in every country, east and west; these are just few of the many talents exhibited by Mr. Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia. In every major event, club or global festival from France to Japan, Dubfire has been there, done that and respectfully left a trail of success in his path. masa1318-2

Dubfire has achieved a rank of success that few amass, yet many attempt. Not only is he one of the world’s belovedDj’s/producers, but he is a ‘Man of the World’. Having traveled to countless places and touring worldwide musical events from the mid 1990’s. His original works have been featured in commercials and his personal label SCI+TEC (Science + Technology Digital Audio) has been growing since its debut in 2007. However, wherever Mr. Shirazinia travels to play one his dark, progressive yet electrifying sets, he is distinguished and famed by one very honorable characteristic of being an Iranian.

Dubfire is a Dj for the people, a man who represents his culture to the fullest and an artist clearly striving to promote the purity of the House Music.

Taking things back a little bit; Dubfire can be credited as a major pioneer in the massive creation and expansion in the new-era of electronic dance music. From his beginnings in the Grammy winning duo Deep Dish, to his more innovative solo projects, Dubfire has never forgotten who he is, both as a soulful human and as a successful artist whose main goal seems to now be to support the truth and culture within his industry and give back anything he can to the younger generation of upcoming artist and humans, alike.

More presently, Dubfire can be found touring different continents on his route to continuously bringing his fans his pure House music. All the while, running a top class record label and nurturing the young artist within his label to become tomorrow’s superstar. Above and beyond all of this, he’s created an iPhone application named, ‘RemiixDubfire’, that was launched late last year.

Moving into the future, Mr. Shirazinia stated that his clear objective is to give back and bring up any upcoming artist and he has begun that mission with a true spark of talent in ‘SHDWPLY’. This new inspiring young talent,SkylerTaugher, can be seen flexing hisartistic muscles right behind Dubfire. He has released four songs under the SCI+TEC label with more coming. Calling SHDWPLY’s new music “truly mind blowing”, we have to think they will be busting onto the scene soon.

Finally, Dubfire left us with one final piece of advice, both for young musicians and entrepreneurs and he referred to Steve Jobs saying, “Think different, be different, be unique and use technology to further your cause”.FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE:

Dubfire’s Favorite Iranian Food :GhormehSabzi

Contact info: