Solo Exhibition:
Parviz Tanavoli


The Davis Museum at Wellesley College presents Parviz Tanavoli, the first solo exhibition of the Iranian artist’s work by a U.S. museum.

Critically acclaimed and widely acknowledged as the “father of modern Iranian sculpture,” Tanavoli’s trajectory has spanned east and west as he has innovated ambitiously across media. Best known as a sculptor, his expansiveoeuvre also includes painting, printmaking, ceramics, rugs, and jewelry. As well, he is a highly regarded collector, scholar, and poet. This exhibition shares the breadth and richness of his work from the 1960s to the present.

Based in Tehran and Vancouver, Tanavoli was a leading influence among a generation defined by its commitment to artistic practices that are both modern and distinctly Iranian. He is one of the foremost Iranian artists. He was a founder member of Saqqakhaneh, an artistic movement that began in Iran during the 1960s. This movement sought to integrate popular symbols of Shi’a Muslim culture in art, the results of which have been described as ‘spiritual Pop Art’.

Through June 7 with an opening celebration, featuring a 5pm talk with the artist, will be held on Tuesday, February 10 from 5-8pm.

Middle Eastern Artist in Women Artists Exhibit


“Reductive Minimalism: Women Artist’s in Dialogue 1960-2014” is an exhibit at UMMA, running through Jan. 25. The concept behind the exhibit, curated by University alum Erica Barrish, was to pair minimalist paintings from the movements’ origins in the 1960s, with works from its contemporary resurgence. The exhibit contains nine pairs of paintings, each focusing on a specific element that both old and new artists explores. The pairings draw attention to the common ground these women artists share despite generational and cultural differences.

Artist Shirazeh Houshiary, an Iranian artist, is the only Middle Eastern artist in the show, and her work is juxtaposed with Sally Hazelet Drummond, an American artist who rose to prominence in the 1950s.

Shirazeh Houshiary was born Shiraz 15 January 1955 and is an Iranian installation artist and sculptor. She is a former Turner Prize nominee, and lives and works in London.

See Houshiary’s work in “Reductive Minimalism: Women Artist’s in Dialogue 1960-2014” until January 25, 2015 at The University of Michigan Museum of Art
. 525 South State Street
. Ann Arbor 48109-1354
. telephone: 734.764.0395

Shirin Neshat :


The first solo exhibition in the region of the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat. The exhibition introduces a group of new and existing works along with interventions including the photographic series, The Book of Kings (2011), Our House is on Fire (2013) as well as the video installation, Turbulent (1998) that build relationships between ancient mythologies and contemporary events that are challenging our lives.

The work of Shirin Neshat explores the relationship between ancient history and the politics of the present narrated through a strong visual language referencing the primal concepts of violence, passion and love in universal history. The artist proposes a different perspective on this collective history, using images that reflect the paradox of beauty and violence.

Until February 15, 2015

Seventh Annual
Farhang Film Festival


The 2015 Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival has officially been announced.
Submit your short film visualizing some aspect of Iranian art, culture, and heritage, Farhang Foundation’s annual online short film festival offers contestants the opportunity to compete for $10,000 (first prize), $5,000 (second prize), and $3,000 (third prize).

“Since our first festival, we have been honored to have presented close to $100,000 in cash prizes to talented filmmakers with a passion for Iranian culture. But what they give back to us through their films and stories is truly priceless,” said Mark Amin, Farhang’s Film Festival committee Chair, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. “We are thrilled to be hosting this festival for the seventh year in a row and look forward to the many wonderful submissions we will soon be receiving.”

The submissions period ends on January 15, 2015. The award ceremony, during which the winning submissions will be screened before a live audience, will take place on March 21, 2015 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The evening will also include a red-carpet arrival, extensive media coverage of the event and the participating contestants, and a reception following.

For more information, including submission guidelines and deadlines, past winning films and filmmakers and much more, please visit the official Festival website at FarhangFilmFest.org.