Exhibit of Female Artists: Unexposed

“Unexposed”, an exhibit that features artworks by 40 female artists from Iran is on display at Cantara Art Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. The exhibit features paintings, photographs and sculptures 1331-52of 40 young female artists from Iran. Most of this work has never been shown outside Iran, a ban imposed by the gallery owners or self-censorship of the artists.

The idea of organizing the exhibition was presented in 2010 by Cantara curator FeryMalek-Madani, who appealed to Iranian artists.Works by 40 artists were selected from among 400 people who applied for participating in the exhibition, which runs until December 25.

Among the artists are SaminAbarquii, AliehAbedini, AsarehAkkasheh, Zahra Madani, SaharMokhtari, DelaraPakdel, ShimaSohrabi and AtusaVahdani.

From 9 November to 25 December 2012, from 11 am to 6 pm, at Tour & Taxis. For info, 0476 33 96 76 or email [email protected]



Persian Tar Candidate

for Heritage List


Traditional Persian musical instrument ‘Tar’ is slated to be registered on UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanities.


Following the recent registration of Azerbaijani Tar on the world heritage list, Iran will offer the proposal for registering Persian Tar on the list.

“The name of instrument ‘Tar’, within the collection of traditional 1331-53Iranian music ‘Radif’ along with other instruments such as ‘Kamancheh’ and ‘Ney’, was registered on UNESCO’s list in 2009, but now we are planning to register the name separately”, said the director of the Regional Research Center for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage in West and Central Asia, YadollahParmoun.


The committee examined about 60 candidacies for registration during its seventh session at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, registering 16 elements from different countries including, Iran, India, Italy, Hungary and Ecuador.


Khataei’s Exhibit in Pittsburgh 

Iranian designing artist and painter MehrdadKhataei’s drawing and printmaking works have been selected to be showcased in a gallery in Pennsylvania, United States.


Khataei’s two created works from his collection titled Lost at the Pigsty will be exhibited at the Box Heart Gallery in the city of Pittsburgh.

The biennial exhibition which is titled “Art Inter/National, Here and Abroad… 2013” is also to host some other works by a number of artists from across the world.


The “Art Inter/National” exhibition takes place January 8 through February 2, 2013.



Tirafkan Recognized at Asian Art Biennale


The Iranian conceptual artist SadeqTirafkan has won an honorable mention at the 15th edition of the Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh.


The winners were announced during the opening ceremony of the event, which was 1331-55held at the Shilpakala Academy in Dhaka on Saturday.


Tirafkan was honored for his mixed media artwork entitled “Human Tapestry”, a combination of digital photography and hand-woven coarse carpet.


He was not able to attend the ceremony and his sculptor compatriot KambizSabri accepted the honorable mention on his behalf.

Works by Sabri and Iranian painter MortezaAsadi have also been showcased at the biennale.



Etminani Exhibit at Art People Gallery


BobakEtminani has spent the last twenty years exploring the majestic beauty hidden within the essence of existence, integrating into his work the viewpoints of modern physics and ancient wisdom 1331-54about the cosmos. By allowing his paintings to be the continuation of the Universe, Etminani has reached a unique and refreshing pictorial space. Of his work, Etminani says: “I paint to harmonize my inner self with an ever-expanding force that weaves everything into one being.”

BobekEtminani will be showing his “Grey Paintings” collection at Art People Gallery from February 1st-15th, 2013. The opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, February 7th from 4-7pm.



Rostam 2: The Return

Series by Siamak Filizadeh


In his ingenious mixed-media series Rostam 2—The Return, Iranian artist SiamakFilizadeh draws upon the rich literary and visual traditions of the Shahnama or Book of Kings. As with other literary masterpieces, the Shahnama, the Iranian national epic, has an appeal and an elasticity that has allowed successive generations to discover or invent new meanings. In his retelling of the classic Persian tale, Filizadeh bypasses its universalities in favor of more specific social commentary. Indeed, his skillful blending of anachronistic 1331-56and contemporary details carry the viewer from the mythical realm of Iran’s greatest champion Rostam to the artist’s take on the kitsch consumerism and popular culture of today’s Tehran.

The Rostam 2 series, consisting of sixteen prints, most of which are in the form of digitally constructed images juxtaposing photography, illustration, and graphic design, which combine to create an implausible reality for the mythical hero Rostam was acquired by LACMA in 2011; it will be presented by the museum in a special installation on the fourth floor, Ahmanson Building, opening to the public on June 2, 2012. This exhibition will allow visitors to explore and enjoy the artist’s satirical manipulation of cultural literacy and national identity through his clever and seamless refashioning of this ancient account.


Ahmanson Building, Level 4, until December 16, 2012.