Paris a victim of a hit and run :

It was getting dark when Someira, was singing praises about her son, Pejman.  She was lauding his education, civility, and potential, glorifying his nobility, integrity, and honesty.  I was surprised that a generation of noble men could still be found in today’s community.  It had been about three years, since my husband had passed away.  He had been a rich, distinguished and influential man.  He was well-known and very popular, people would pride in his friendship.  I still  had sweet memories of him.  I had enjoyed many happy and unforgettable years with him and I did not want to erase those my sweet memories.  Whenever those memories popped into my mind, I would get a lump in my throat and go to my bed room where his life size portrait  graced my big dresser.  Over this span of three years, after his sudden death, a bunch of suitors tried to get my attention to marry them.  But I was adamant and would dismiss all of them.  I believed that no man could fill his place in my life.  After all, I had spent twelve happy years with him, not even seeing another man around my life.  The day I met Someira, a pretty mature woman with fabulous clothing and light makeup, I was charmed by her. She was full of praise for her son.  She disclosed that her son had not been lucky in his  marriage and had to separate from his wife after five years of marriage.  She was so pathetic about her son, as he had dropped out of college in order to join the global campaign helping the African nations to overcome their plagues of poverty, lack of sanity, deadly diseases and starvation.  The more she was talking about  her son the more I became curious to listen to her.  Because I found that her son was carrying the same traits as mine.  She told me that her deadly disease had caused her son to cut short his humanitarian mission in Africa.  He had already spent all his savings for the afflicted African people.  When he had come to her hospital bedside, he was penniless and could not buy me any flowers.  But seeing him, gave her energy and she managed to make it through the very delicate surgery and recovered soon.  She further revealed that Pejman had quit his job as a deputy director of a big American company, to follow up on a legal case related to one of the company’s workers who had lost his life while working on the rooftop and had fallen to the ground.  He breathed a sigh of relief when he managed to get compensation for his family.  In vain he had made many sacrifices for his exwife and in the end lost all the assets he had accumulated over the years. 
After I returned home, I was meditating about Pejman.  But soon, the sun was about to set and the doorbell rang.  At the doorstep, I found a young man with some fantastic flowers with a note on them.  After receiving the flowers, he disappeared in a flash.  I tried to beckon reach him, but he had already gone.  A week later, Someira and her son came to my home.  He was not a good looking man, but he was full of manners.  He tried to talk to me in an eloquent way.  In a few hours, he got the attention of my nine year old son.  What I liked most about him was his remarkable enthusiasm toward me.  Unlike other men, who wear their ambivalence about like a neon sign on their chest, he seemed to be sending messages not of warning but of urgency and ardor.  When could he see me again? He asked.  After he had been there only about four hours, he was asking me for a first date!  ‘How about Friday?  Or Sunday, at an amazing Italian restaurant I know of?’  I had not only been taken aback, I was also charmed.  My fear of to much seemed so dull and self-protective, next to his vividly articulated vision of a life filled with sweet sex, great meals and shopping.  A life he insisted awaited me. 
I cast off my hesitance and proceeded to experience a second marriage.  From the very beginning of our marriage, he pretended that he had devoted most of his time taking care of those orphans who were suffering in the hospitals.  He would never drive a car, either I would give him a ride or he would ride by bus or subway.  He would buy toys for my son and on special occasions he would shower me with kisses and presents.  Once, I deposited a remarkable sum into his account without his knowledge, later he got so mad, pretending that he did not like me to pay for his charity funds.  When I learned that he had purchased life insurance for both me and my son, I got so excited to to the extent that I shared all my holdings in a joint account with him.  When I had our first baby girl, I felt  happy and it seemed to me that I was the happiest women on the planet. 
But the bubble of happiness burst once I learned that he had been married to three other widows and had used their holdings to buy properties both in Iran and here.  In my heart I knew that commitment takes time.  It was one of those nightmares situations you hear about, but can never quite believe that it is the very man who is pursuing you, until you submit and then he’s got you in his clutches and then he hits the road. The very thing he pretended to want, a matrimonial relationship, was precisely what he did not want. 
I forgot about understanding his motives and learned instead his modus operandi.  It would be better steer clear of him, I thought to myself.  Soon after, I learned that he had had two other children from his previous marriages.  He had not even completed high school.  He was just was a real fraud and scammer.  He was not driving because his driver’s license had been suspended for DUI charges several times. 
When I confronted his mother, Someira, she was so belligerent, showing no remorse.  Actually, I think that she was proud of her son and what he could accomplish by cheating widowed women, robbing them of their holdings.  I and two of his ex-wives that he cheated, are suing him, to hand him over to justice.  Thanks to God that we have sufficient proof and evidence to be able to put him behind bars. 
It is worth noting, that he was already hatching the same plot for a rich Indian widow. But we just managed to brief this naïve woman about his hellish conspiracies.  I have also learned that he has multiple personalities.  He has no conscience or emotion toward his human fellows.