Ali Davarian, or more commonly known in the photography world as “Edris“. When people mention his name or speak about Edris, one of the most common points that comes to mind is that he is one Iranian / Canadian World Class Photographer and does just that, captures class in every shot. Edris began his career at 2004 when he decided to develop his love for photography, and his art degree helped him become more passionate, and creative with his self taught photography skills.

Shortly after that, he got opportunity to work with one Persians Super Star ( Mohammad Reza Golzar) for his first professional portfolio in 2006. He has also worked with a lot of Persian celebrities and singers like: Mohsen Yeganeh, Hamid Asgari, Mahsa Navi, Baran and more. Edris started fashion photography since 2006, and after he moved to Canada in 2008, he opened a studio in Toronto and started working with modeling agencies, and worked with hundreds of models since then.


Photography for Edris is a form of art, he does not think of it as his job, or a hobby he only does now and then. He loves to capture special people, special moments, and to drink in everything he can, which only can improve the amazing skill set he already has. Edris deals with a wide range of different photography and this is shown by doing wedding photography, professional photography with models, actors, singers and many more people. He has taken well over hundreds of models, and his specialty is working with first time models and discovering new faces. So many models who work with him have gotten international jobs after, not to mention many of freelance subjects for various projects. Some of Edris’ favourite photographs were taken of models who are now in their own peak of success, and we know Edris had a lot to do with where they are today. Edris’ favourite portraits are taken of people because they all carry a unique story, which has a range of emotion, ranges of expression, but also an innocence that is so rare, and to capture all of this takes experience and skill, both of which Edris carries within.


To Edris, photography is not just a job but simply his passion in life, and therefore, he makes sure that every photograph is as unique as the model, actor, singer, or couple he is taking photographs of. It is a craft in which he has mastered, and to all the ones whom he has had the pleasure to work with, he truly feels blessed to have worked with them, for each one of them has shown him something new within himself and he learns from dealing with so many every day.

Edris feels a source of pride in being able to do what he does best, and to see his subjects create a life of their own once he has worked with them gives him a sense of fulfillment in life. Not only does Edris control posing, lighting, and staging, but he also is able to manipulate a picture in post-production. He is eager to work with new and upcoming models knowing that he can turn them into something innocent, exotic, creative, the list goes on, and Edris welcomes anyone who wants to work with him with open arms. He can transform their lack of experience into professional poise and elegance, only he can create.

This Persian born photographer who now is taking over the fashion world in one of the most booming cities in the world Toronto, Canada, he only wants to leverage his skill and passion, so that many others can see how if you have a dream, you can create this dream into a reality.

To find out more about Edris and his work you can visit his online portfolio: