What happens when Slavic passion and flare for the dramatic collide with California dreamin’ and healthy living in the sun? You get one unstoppable artist. Ukrainian-born and West Coast-nurtured Elena Berman burst forth onto the international art scene with consecutive fall shows in LA, Moscow, Miami and Hawaii.

She has been featured on the cover of Javanan Magazine, and nominated for the ARWEY Circle of Light Award by Antonio Gellini, Family Film Awards, Inspirique Magazine and founded by Tia Walker.

The healthy life expert- founder of Your Energy Healing Arts (YEHA) encourages attendees to pursue their dreams- serves as the perfect example of transformation. Four years ago, in the midst of a bitter divorce, this dedicated mom traded her services as a personal trainer for art therapy classes for her daughter (who is a another budding Berman artist to watch). But when studio artist Lark Larisa Pilinsky handed the mother some paints and canvas “just to kill some time, “ she was amazed at the results.


Berman went on to develop her natural talent under the tutelage and support of West Coast master Mcho. Her bright acrylic –on-canvas abstract and impressionist-style paintings pop with life, joy, and vitality. “I choose bright colors because that’s what we need in the world right now,” says Berman, who signs her work ELBE.

“By painting, I chose first to brighten my own life so I could then brighten the lives of others.”

Berman attests to the power of positive vibes, and bright colored artworks to promote confidence on challenging days. All her pieces are genuine expressions of her deepest feelings and energies, but if you are drawn to a particular work, she says, “it becomes all about you. I can tell you who you are and what your potential is.”

ELBE artwork is highly sought after in Beverly Hills by job-stressed judges, bankers and executives for their aura of serenity and harmony.

Berman’s star is rising so fast, bets grab your favorite pieces while they are still down on earth.

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