…I see in your eyes father:the luminous horizons you invented in your dreams/& all the lost cities buried with corpses/& tears.
…I see in your eyes father:how long you searched/& thought the bones of history are buried in your books/& by reading them out loud/the pages will breathe once again.
…I see in your eyes father:that you knew why the poets sing/& why they always had the scent of rain/blood/& life/when they were singing
…I see in your eyes father:misty dreams/& an arc of pain casting a shadow/as history passes by trembling.
…I see in your eyes father:visions/& dreams./a sun of gilded roots./a moon hiding among the blackened walls of battlement/& a cosmic dance of tolerance/serene:like the sea caressing the same old eroded coast.
…I look at the Night inherited by your eyes father:where the dense flow of death is reduced to dust/& tears.
…I look at the Day inherited by your eyes father:the Sun once again at hand.



a life quietly undone
the evening half in disbelief
dreams dissolved into breath/& flowers.
& now we welcome the days of longer morning
although our days have been numbered.



broken I fall
as I fall
I weep looking at you.
as I fall
I disappear into deserts of love.
as I fall
into oceans of love.
as i fall
immense prairies form
& with each sigh of my love for you
the grass’ gleamed
as it does everyday
with the sunrise of your face.
I turn towards you
& see the vast stars floating in the sky of your forehead.
in love
I fall
as I fall
I disappear into the cities in your eyes.
as I fall
I see myself looking at you
in your sea beneath the night.
In Memory Of Gloria & Farhang Farrahi


walked through the seasons
near the un-opened book Farhang Farahi