His name is Fariborz and most of you know his hits over the year along with his duet partner Mehrana and their sensational group “ShebaHe” their first album ‘Creation’ hit the market in 2001 vastly capturing audience’s attention and interest, thus the album within its first days release being sold out, subsequently becoming one of the highest sold and most successful albums of the year.
Fariborz and Mehrana have conquered several prestigious international venues such as Planet Hollywood and Venetian in Las Vegas, as well as their recent big concert at Dolby Theater in Hollywood in 2017, performing before a fully packed Dolby theater, reviving all their mega hits in front of 3000 audience who warmly cheered the band throughout their exciting performance.
Fariborz is a very talented musician/singer who writes his own materials. He has done many collaborative music productions with other prominent music producers. Over the years and apart from his ShebaHe duet project, he has released many singles and music videos having been broadcast around the world by most Iranian satellite TVs.
his new highly anticipated duet track to be released along with his duet partner Mehrana. This track is collaborated by some internationally known artists and is projected to be released within a few months. Their fans via social media have relentlessly been expressing their impatience for Fariborz and Mehrana’s new music. This new track is expected to break many records upon its release. Stay tuned for their new music updates…