After a ten year hiatus because of the loss of his partner, Antonio Gellini, Founder and Owner of “The Olympia Awards,” that honors the best movies of the Cannes, Venice, Sundance and other film festivalsand, “The Family Film Awards,” that honors the best editors, sound engineers, cinematographers, composers, writers, directors, producers and film in the category of family entertainment, has chosen Award Winning Writer-Composer-Lyricist-Producer, Allan Jay Friedman to replace Mr. Gellini’s former partner, Dick Clark. Mr. Friedman will be the writer-composer andproducer of these two major, prestigious two-hour TV awards specials. Mr. Gellini will be the Executive Producer.
Mr. Friedman has created a brand new approach to the traditional awards programs. He plans to present these two innovative specials, to be aired in 2014 on a major network, as Pre-Broadway Musicals.
Each Musical has an original story and score embracing each special, with the opening scene ofeach musical presented by known talent, and unknown talent at the end of the program. The first two-hour special will be the Family Film Awards Special. It will feature young talent, chosen by a competition between three major film schools.
The three completed, premier, and never before seen, musicals for “The Family Film Awards” special are: “The Media Messiah,” written andcomposed by Mr.Friedman, which shows the world how we got into the messwe’rein; “The Count of Monte Cristo,” which Mr. Friedman wrote with Trevor Lissauer and Academy Award and GrammyAward Winner, Jonathan Tunick. It shows what we can do about the mess we’re in; and, “Kennedy,” which Mr. Friedman wrote with multiple Academy Award Winner, Leslie Bricusse. This musical rekindles the dream of JFK: to make the world a free, safe and noble place for children.
These three shows are the ‘heart’ of “The Family Film Awards.” From this two shows, they will be modified, re-cast and taken to Broadway along with the unique two Awards Special’s production. They will also be released as audio musical books for all the world to enjoy.
“Antonio is an amazing entrepreneur and person with a great heart with whom it is a joy to work!” said Mr. Friedman. “He is a heart-driven visionary who shares my goal: to bring the world together through a lofty dream that’s in accord with the dream of everyone!”

This reflects the philosophy of the Family Film Awards.

The following is written by Allan Jay Friedman
“The Lofty Dream”
We must find a lofty dream
That’s in accord
With the dream of everyone.
Make it clear and bright
So we don’t lose sight
Of its energizing sun.
Then, each one of us,
Doing what we love
Must strive to do our best,
Knowing what we love
Is for the good of the rest.
As we improve,
Our world improves,
We’re a necessary part.
Without us doing what we love,
Our world will fall apart.
And the higher we climb,
The closer we’ll be
To the Universal Goal,
Perfection of each one of us,
Perfection of our soul!