Jaleh from San Francisco:

I was born and raised in a modest family, but it was a family full of joy and we were deeply attached to each other. After graduating from high school, I intended to attend college and continue my higher education. However, my family was not in good financial position and could not afford to pay the tuition. I had only one option to pursue my dream, to get a part time job so I could obtain my higher education. I left no stone unturned until I found a job as a nanny with a family. I started working every evening from seven thirty to eleven and would go home when everyone went to bed. The best part of my job was that I was able to provide for my family with food given daily by the nice family I worked for. After working for six months I had saved enough to enroll in college. I was starting my studies in college when, all of a sudden, David appeared out of nowhere stating that he had returned to Iran to marry his favorite woman. He was full of praise for my great looks and shapely body. David sent his aunt to my family to ask for my hand. We learned that David had lost his parents years ago. However, he enjoys a lavish life in the United States owning multiple companies. He had graduated from a prestigious college and started his own business. Luckily he could get my parents attention. Both my parents tried to convince me to close the deal. I should mention that during that time David showered me with precious gifts. We did get married throwing a modest party. David still adored me saying that I should have been a Hollywood star because of my amazing beauty. He even believed that a golden sculpture should be made in my likeness. He always showered me with kisses from my head to toe. When the time came for David to head back to America, my mother begged him to be a nice and faithful spouse to me. With David gone I waited for my opportunity to join him. When I arrived at the San Francisco airport, I was warmly greeted by David and he placed a beautiful flower lei on my neck. Soon after I discovered that David did not own several mansions, but I was happy living in his modest three bedroom home. Actually, he did not own multiple companies but he did provide a relatively comfortable life. Ten years into our marriage I was in a horrible car crash which resulted in broken hands, broken feet, and badly sprained ribs. I was also paralyzed. My mother was so devastated and heartbroken, she kept calling me chocking up to the point that she was not able to utter a single word. David then began complaining that he was broke and that he had sold properties for my medical expenses. My mother sold our home and wired the proceeds from the sale to David. Amidst all this I was fully aware that David had already received one hundred thousand dollars settlement from the insurance company as I was not at fault in the terrible accident. Now David confined me to a small room that was suppose to be converted into a guest room. He forbade me from leaving the small room and wanted me to remain there alone. I confronted him once and he contended that he did not like for his friends to see me confined to a wheelchair. He kept saying that he would try his best to find a way to return me to a normal life. I realized that he was actually seeking a new love and enjoying quality time with her. Every evening I heard loud music in our home with laughter from his male and female friends while they were wining and dining, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Not long after that I found myself in a home for the disabled with others like me. I barely could understand some of the residents due to their disability. The worse part of that place was the nurses who were sarcastic,overbearing, and displayed sodomy behavior. I was so devastated and disappointed, I contacted my mother telling her my plight and ordeal, and I asked her to help me out of that hellish life. My mother called David informing him that she had wired a large some of money so he could purchase me a house and no longer be institutionalized. David promised my mother that he would get me back home soon. The second time my mother wired money to David it was for her visa so she could come over and visit me. He spent the money stating that he was not out of his mind and would not invite my mother here to join us. He even said that my problems were more than enough for him. David even tried to use my mother as a cash cow asking for more money so he could expedite her trip to the United States. At this point, I tipped off my mother to the fact that David was a scam and had no intentions to do anything for her. But my mother was adamant about her decision to join me as soon as possible. Eight short months later my eyes met my mother standing in front of me at the facility. I hugged her and begged her to take me with her, but she simply replied that her mission had not yet been accomplished. She stayed in the same small room where I once lived and witnessed for herself David’s promiscuous night life. After a while my mother came to the facility in a panic and excited at the same time. She asked me not to proceed with a divorce filing but to stick up for my rights. When I asked her what was going on, she informed me that she had spied a couple of women having fun with David while he was unconscious. Then she cut David’s penis. She further confessed that even the police were clueless and could not find a lead about what had happened. My mother then added that David would now get back with me. To my surprise, David came to me three weeks later and took me home. Now we are once again living together in our nice home and sleeping together in our fancy bedroom, just like our first five years together before the nasty accident. During the past year David had prematurely aged, looking twenty years older than his actual age. But what remained the same was his behavior like when we were first together, he keeps kissing my hands professing that he is indebted to me tremendously and would try to make it up to me.