Interview by Masa Zokaei

His last album, entitled 14, was the biggest Hip Hop compilations out of Dallas, TX.
Since 2002, Prynce P’s music has been downloaded over 3.4 million times.  In his 15 years of recording music, he has been on almost all Dallas radio stations, has been featured on over 50 magazines, has sold out many shows and has collaborated with platinum and Grammy musicians who he grew up listening to. Meanwhile, he travels the world and grows in his entrepreneurship.

Get to know Prynce P.

Javanan: You recently released the biggest Hip Hop compilations out of Dallas, TX. Why did you choose to name this project, 14?
Prynce P: I named it 14 since I started music in 2002 and I ended my musical career in 2016.  The number 14 represents the number of years that I was in the industry.   
Javanan: Since the last time we talked, did you really end your musical career? Are you completely done with music?
Prynce P: I ended it because I have met all my challenges. It is finally out of my system.  Am I completely done with music? Never… Music is in my blood and I will always be in and out of the recording studio.  I am more involved with artist development. 
Javanan: We know you do more than music, even though that is a full-time career in itself. And why did you choose to also have a career, separate from music?
Prynce P:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Logistics and my M.B.A. in Strategic leadership, and have been in and out of the corporate world for over 16 years.  Furthermore, I owned a franchise sandwich shop (“Which Wich”) for 3 years working 90+ hours a week.  Recently, I have partnered up with my brother in Real Estate as Dallas is one of the hottest cities in the U.S.  To answer your question, I am a workaholic and this is how I have funded my music label for over a decade.



Javanan: And we know you love to travel as well.
Prynce P:  I am obsessed with history and that’s why I love to travel. It also opens my mind musically. It humbles me. The more I travel, the more I realize that money does not bring happiness. I see happier people in poor countries because they live simply. My goal in 2 years is to see all the new wonders of the world. And to promote the Persepolis to be recognized as one of them.

Javanan: How do you juggle so many things at a time? Do you ever sleep?
Prynce P: Sleep? What is sleep [laughs]. I’ve been blessed with a great amount of energy that is driven from the hunger inside me.  Every day is a gift! Every morning that I wake up is an opportunity for me to be better than the person I was yesterday.  Every year, I set five major goals for myself.  Goals that are almost impossible to reach and I work every minute to achieve them for that year.
Javanan: You have a song named “Sons of Cyrus” that we recently talked about in our magazine. For those who haven’t heard it yet, tell us about it and who worked on it.
Prynce P: This song is about Cyrus the Great. Although I was raised in America, I have a lot of love and respect for our culture and rich history.  I felt as I owed it to our people to make a song about Cyrus. Our main goal was to do it in a way that Non-Persians would do research on him and those who are Persian be proud of who we are.
I chose Miladic from NYC and Motian who just moved to Dallas from Oklahoma City, to collaborate on it.  I chose them because of their musical style as they had the same goal as I did.  The chemistry between the three of us was just too perfect and you’ll hear it on the song.  We also decided to fly to LA and work with AZ Flimz to make a video out of it.  
We released the video in September and in just 1 week, it has gotten over 6,000 views.  Furthermore, our phones and social media’s have been blowing up since the release in regard to people being excited to learn something new about Cyrus.  This song did exactly what we wanted it to do.

Javanan: It seems like you make music for more than just personal gains.
Prynce P: I use most of the profits my music and help the homeless twice a year by feeding over 200 people. Obviously, with lots of help from friends. I try to use music for the right reasons. That’s my goal



Javanan: Any advice for people out there who are trying to get better at their craft?
Prynce P: Never stop training.  Whether is to train your body or your mind.  Find coaches! Whatever you are interested in, find someone who is better than you.  Study them! Breathe their work ethic and continue until you become as good as them.  Once you do, find a coach who is better. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with your accomplishments.    

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Prynce P: Top 10 Facts

Prynce P has been featured on more than 50 magazines.
1. In 2006, Prynce P recorded a song for Chuck Norris and his fighting show, “The World Combat League.”
2. In 2012, Prynce P along with Kou and Motian, recorded a song entitled “Star Crossed” which was downloaded over 997,930 in less than 8 months.
3. In 2012, Prynce P collaborated with Grammy rapper, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony as their song “On Fire” hit 8 radio stations.
4. In 2012, Prynce P received an award from Amnesty international for his contribution to humanity. 
5. In 2013, Prynce P released his single “My Paradise” which was featured on Chanel 33.
6. In 2013, Prynce P received an award from Congress Woman Johnson and The House of Representatives for his single “My Paradise.” This was the same year he beat out 10,000 submissions and had his single “Gift N Curse” play on 97.9 The Beat.
7. in 2014, Pohectic Life Records and The Valley of the Kings Studio recorded a song with Houston legend, Paul Wall entitled “And Things Will Never Be the Same…” which hit over 9 radio stations in less than 2 weeks. This single also won one of the hottest singles released by an independent label on 97.9 The Beat, making him the first artist out of DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) to have ever earned two wins.
8. In 2016, Prynce P released the biggest Hip-Hop compilation out of Dallas, TX.
9. In 2017, Prynce P released 4 music videos which combined for 190,000 views.
10. Prynce P is currently in the studio working to release one of the biggest cyphers out of Dallas, TX.