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We Care for Humanity (WCH) presented their Annual press conference of “Global Officials of Dignity Awards” known as (G.O.D) at Beverly Hills Country Club.

The press conference was a great success with prominent dignitaries, Royalties, presenters Awardees, President of WCH (we care for humanity), and Board of directors, Supporters Performers, Media, Photographers, and Master of ceremony, Emcee, and many more…

Maria Amor is the Founder and President of We Care for Humanity (WCH)

(WCH) is a nonprofit organization (501C3) which aims to promote the development of friendly relations between nations as, foundations of freedom, justice and peace through health, wellness, culture and arts.

On June 29th 2013, Global Officials of Dignity Awards (G.O.D), will be held a fundraising ceremony to benefit “ Give love to Abatex (Philippine) “Friends of Ho-Diocese (Africa) “ Hope of The Valley (USA) and “Anti- Leprosy Fr. Bhat (India) and also to recognize and honor those individuals who have significantly improved the quality of life in their communities