After the success of  “Shift it Shift it”, now reaching almost 4 million viewers, Gorgen Zargarian was invited, along with the producers of the show, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neil, to the LA Weekly Awards last week. Many films and clips were nominated for the awards but “Shift it, shift it” took home Funniest YouTube Video.
Gorgen says that when he attended the awards that night, he had no idea he would win, in fact he didn’t even take anyone with him. He says that he felt lonely at the show, without having his family or friends there, but when he was honored with the award, he felt excitement and the appreciation people had for his performance.
People asked him where came from and what he does, Gorgen replied that he wanted to be a singer in Iran, and sang others songs there. When he came to the United States he decided that he wanted to sing his own songs. He bought music equipment and created five albums, and his music was broadcasted on TV and published in magazines such as Javanan Magazine. He also created an Iranian television show on called “Gorgen Show” that was broadcasted weekly, and he still hosts today.
Then, Gorgen opened  his own transmission business, “Arlen’s Transmission” shop in Burbank (named after his son) and used music as a hobby. He was still passionate about music and was encouraged by his wife and kids to continue making it.
Then one day, producers Rhett and Link met him. The duo, Rhett and Link, known for making viral videos and writing comedy songs, looked at album covers of him on the wall and asked what he does. When Gorgen said he was a singer and they listened to his songs, they decided to created “Shift it, Shift It”, (originally a song in Farsi that Gorgen made and created new English lyrics for).
Now that he has won the award, Gorgen said that he was overwhelmed with joy.  He was excited to go home that night and share the news with his family.
He says because he is an honest person, people can sense it and that’s what he attributes to his success.
“I dedicate this award to all the hard workers out there who have ambition for something more,” he says.”I believe that they can have anything that they wish, as I have.”
“These things haven’t changed me. I am still a mechanic, who happens to sing from the bottom of my heart. And I am proud to be an Armenian-Iranian.”