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Everything in life is a teaching aid however within the fields of the international film and television entertainment media are enormous opportunities for spreading constructive health education as well as to provide entertainment and I am here today to help us all focus for a moment on those issues and those techniques through the use of entertainment media which are proven to encourage good habits in society through education from a standpoint of creating a public atmosphere to flourish good conscience, mental and physical health.
I am Dr. Antonio Gellini and my expertise is as Founder, CEO and President of the World Film Institute and as Founder of the Worldwide Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment. I am an international Ambassador for World Peace and world Improvement who officiates under the UNESCO program of the United Nations having received my commission from the Universal Peace Federation during 2014 and it is my pleasure to function in rewarding those of good conscience who are within leadership roles of world importance.
We honor and promote those who work tirelessly toward encouraging wholesomeness in society through programs of international scope, working with local heads of governments and national dignitaries to further an important health and human welfare educational message with international exchange and through various intercultural endeavors and competitions – in order to further human rights, humanitarianism and comradery through international film making and through promoting the international cultural arts.
We work in the creation of informative motion pictures which assist to bridge cultures and encourage open discussion and communication – and through the avenues of training in film making, television and social media and in opening the doors for scholarships and worldwide networking within the arts – we provide for ongoing education within those fields.


Our work is in promoting international education in good mental health and in the promoting understanding of differing lifestyles and in the diversity of cultures and the arts around the globe and including the promotion and encouragement of the medical arts research and advances within the field for special needs devised equipment and medicines – which further the quality of life and of mobility for the impaired so that they may more easily pursue life goals. The search and sacrifices that our leaders make for good health and higher education for all persons is pure humanitarianism at its loftiest heights.
Ours are highly prestigious international awards which are endorsed by dignitaries from over 180 countries – and our Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment are honored to play an integral part within China’s One Belt One Road projects. Our Honorable Appointed Chairman of Trustees within China for the World Film Institute, Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment and for the New Chinese Family Film Awards is Mr. William ZHANG Yi of Beijing and he officiates over our China, EU and United States territories.
We are honored to provide access to education in and through the art of film making and through utilizing various forms of entertainment and media … and in healthy, constructive and creative administration of valuable updated public health awareness programs and education for training in life skills – and within the arts – to make available for up and coming artists who are of honorable stature within the special needs categories, as well as within our many other categories – quality real possibilities of earned scholarship through the World Film Institute and Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment programs.