Farah: Where are you originally from, and where were you raised as a child?
Reatha: I was born in Los Angeles, California. My father was a dentist and my mother worked as a social worker and elementary school teacher. I graduated from Los Angeles High School and went on to Los Angeles City college majoring in Theater Arts.


Farah: When did you start acting?
Reatha: I did my first play when I was 6 years old at a neighborhood youth center. I played the wicket stepmother in Snow White. I was only one with lines, a wicket laugh. The first time I laughed, the audience broke out in applause. From that moment I heard that sound I knew that acting was what I wanted to do. After touring East Asia with USO in 1974, I began my professional show business career appearing in television series and movies such as Three’s Company, General Hospital, and Angel Dusted.  I also starred in the black exploitation Soul Vengeance. Dozens of rolls on television, screen, and stage later I owned and operated the Grey Images Extra Casting Company for almost a decade in the 1980’s.

Farah: Tell us about Betty White’s Off Their Rockers Show?
Reatha: The show is considered a reality show because we play pranks on real, unsuspecting young people all over the country.  The premise of the show is that we are Betty White’s gang; we are out to change the worlds view of seniors and at the same time, have a little fun at the expense of the younger generations.


Farah: What is the process of the show?
Reatha: The show is divided in two categories, Betty White vignettes, where she does short scripted skits with weekly guest stars and/or the series regular and unscripted pranks played on unsuspecting youngsters by seniors’ pranksters. Everyone suggests concept for pranks, then written by writers, producers and directors, they assign the pranks to one of us pranksters and send us out with a hidden camera crew, to the streets of America! We never know what’s going to happen because people react differently.  The end result is a half hour of something for everyone comedy.

Farah: Do you enjoy teasing young people?
Reatha: Betty insists that none of our pranks be mean spirited and she always says that they are just silly fun.  I have to admit, I enjoy doing things to make people laugh but not at the expense of others or bulling in anyway. We should all laugh at ourselves, and when we the pranksters are the bud of the joke the reactions of the people are priceless and very funny.   

Farah: What does your family thinks about Betty White’s off their rockers Show and especially your acting in the show?   
Reatha: have been considered “off my rocker” by most of my life, now they figure I finally found a way to make a career out of it.  Everyone loves Betty, so everyone is thrilled that I am working with such a prestigious actress.


Farah: You played so many different character in movies, how do you mange that?
Reatha: The thing that I enjoy the most about acting is entertaining people. If I can put smile to a face, Educate, or tell a story I feel I have done my job.  The second thing I like about acting is I get to Live as all type of different people, walk in others shoes so to speak.  Recently I worked on a Film Puzzledwhere I played a pediatric psychologist. The film seeks to help children in foster car.  At the end of the year, I will play a small ton sheriff’s secretary in a thriller Film called “Hidden valley The Awakening”.

Farah: What advice would you give to the young people giving up their dreams; because of you is a great example of who never gives up?
Reatha: Once someone asked me when I would admit that, I had failed as an actor. I realized then that I would only fail if I gave up.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t move on and do other things, God knows I did, but I never considered it failure, because I didn’t give up, I moved on to do other things.  When I came back to acting, later in life I achieved my greatest success to date.  I still feel that the best is yet to come, in life and acting. My saying is “you never too old, it’s never too late”.

Farah: Tell us about your memorable time of your life?
Reatha: I am an adventurer at heart.  Some of the things I love doing are swimming with dolphins and sharks, not at the time of course.  My latest adventure discovery is zip lining.  I love to travel and see sights. I try to live life so that every day is memorable, even if that day is relaxing by a pool.  Life is too short to waste even a minute.  I also try to live everyday as if it were last, no regrets, grateful for everyday that God gives me!