Javanan: For those who don’t know you, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself? 
Prynce P: My real name is Payam but my stage name is Prynce P and I run my hip hop label Pohectic Life Records out of Dallas, TX.
Javanan: How did you got involved in music?
Prynce P: I have always been involved with music since I remember but I did not take it serious until early 2001 when I recorded my first track with my boy Milad who is the founder of Farez.  Before he started Farez, he and I did a song together in Atlanta named “Persian Thoughtz” which was English; Farsi and Swedish.  To be honest with you, it was meant to be a funny track but we received 1000’s of e-mails and 90,000 plus download’s within its first week of release.  That’s when we realized that we needed to take our music to the next level. 
We decided to form a label and work on an album. We named our label Pohectic Life Records, Pohectic which means hectic poetry.  Once we got our label set up, we decided to sign my cousin Antimeini, CO2, Meezy, Charmz, Crunkie and Hoffa.  Together, we recorded over 20 solid tracks and did many sold out shows. After a few years, Milad decided that he wanted to stick with Farsi rap so he and Hoffa left Pohectic and formed Farez.  Since my Farsi was not strong, I stuck with doing English tracks and grew my label more.  
Javanan: How does your family feel about your career? Do they support you?
Prynce P:  I have been blessed to have an open minded family.  They have always supported me.
Javanan: What struggles have you faced to get where you are today:
Prynce P:  I faced many struggles to get where I am today.  I worked on a compilation album from 2003 to 2009 collaborating with over 25 artists and producers from all over.  I spent many nights without sleep in the recording studio while most of my friends were out partying.  I had to fly in all artist and producers down to TX so we can work on this album. I had to coordinate with sound engineers and work with each artist, producer, graphic designer, web-designer, mixing, mastering, manufacturing and Distribution Company individually. 
I was also in charge of the legal part of the business, meaning that I had to meet with lawyers, radio stations, marketing firms, clubs for shows, etc… On top of all this, I had to write all of my own lyrics and come up with themes for each song, which was my true passion in the first place.
I went through it all but all that I can say is that if it doesn’t kill you, it can only make you stronger. You have to have the hunger if you want to reach your goals.
Javanan: As of today, how many times have your songs been downloaded?
Prynce P:  Last time that we checked I was over the 800,000 mark.  Now remember that most downloads were free, so please don’t think that I am a millionaire.
 What a lot of fans don’t understand is that iTunes usually takes about thirty percent  of each download.  Then, you have to pay royalties to each artist and producer on top of funding the entire project yourself.  Hopefully I have painted a picture on how hard it is to actually make money from music, so it’s really important to support musicians.     
Javanan: What type of subject lines do you talk about in your music?
Prynce P:  Anything that has to do with what one’s experiences in life. 
Javanan: Name some of your accomplishments from your music career…
Prynce P: In 2005, I did a song for Chuck Norris’s reality show entitled “The World Combat League”, in 2009, I released a compilation album entitled “Pohectic: The Second Chapter”, I am the first Persian/American to collaborate with a platinum rapper, Lil Flip who has over 22 million records sold. I am also first Persian/American to collaborate with an artist from a Grammy rap group, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, who has had over 55 million records sold. In March of 2013, I was asked by Congresswoman Johnson to perform my song “My Paradise” in front of a selective audience.  Later, I received a thank you letter for my performance from the White House. In March of 2013, my song D.F.W. premiered on 89.3fm (Local Radio Station) and was a number 1 hit for a week. In May of 2013, my song “My Gift N Curse” was featured on 97.9fm The Beat which is one of the biggest TX hip-hop radio stations as they did an in house interview with me. I have been featured on more than 33 magazines.
Javanan: Very impressive!  What projects are you working on now?
Prynce P: I am currently in the studio working with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony on our song entitled “On Fire.”   This is probably my biggest single yet as I have spent over four months on it.  We are hoping to have it released by end of the summer.  After this song, I will be back in the studio to work on my single “Star Crossed” which we are planning to shoot a video on in the fall of 2013.
Javanan: You have obviously worked with some great talent, anyone else?
Prynce P: I collaborated with Spice 1 who is one of my all-time favorite rappers back in 2010 who has sold 3 gold albums.  We did “My Gift N Curse” which is now playing on our local radio stations.  I also collaborated with Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci who are the highest selling rap artists from Dallas, TX.  Our song D.F.W. played on 89.3fm along with many clubs since it’s a bouncy song.  I have also worked with about 30+ artist and producers which would take time for me to sit and list.  You can read all about them on my official website.
Javanan: What is your official website?
Prynce P:  Pohectic.com 
Javanan: What advice would you give to any young artist wanting to get into the music/entertainment business?
Prynce P:  The business is shady; if you are doing this for the money, get out NOW. Use music for self-therapy, for the love and passion. If it’s your time, you will shine and make money.  Also, make sure that you can back your lyrics up! If you live in a one million dollar house and have never lived the street life, don’t talk about thugging on the hard streets of Beverly Hills.  Be real to yourself and write rhymes that relate to you and your life style.
Javanan: Anything else that you like to add?
Prynce P: First and foremost, I like to thank God for giving me the ability to do what I love. My family of course and all the true friends and fans who I also like to call family.  A special thanks to Javanan Magazine for this interview and if there is anyone else who I am forgetting, please forgive me.  One last thing, don’t ever let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams.  Remember that jealousy is a compliment, so stay hungry and motivated at all times.   If you really want it, you can get it.  I am now working with musicians that I grew up listening to.  Is it a dream come true? Absolutely!