Prynce P: Ethan, for those who don’t know you,can you introduce yourself?
Ethan: Where do I start without sounding too crass?! I am an Iranian-American actor currently living in Los Angeles, for nine years now, pursuing a creative impulse. Okay, that was crass (laughs).

Prynce P: When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?
Ethan: I wanted to be Michael Jackson first, than I wanted to be an actor. As a kid, I loved to dance on the living room table, during our six-year residence in London. My parents’ friends would watch me trying my best to emulate Michael Jackson as I watched the music video for “Bad” on TV. I guess you can say that’s where performance started. I never got serious about acting until high school where I joined the high school theatre club, The Colony Players. That’s where, while on stage and through the audience’s feedback, it felt right. It’s what I was meant to do.

Prynce P:Why did you choose acting as a career?
Ethan: I went through a series of motives, but later the motives kept evolving into a greater meaning for me. At first, it was to seek a sort of validation and approval. But, the actual process of it was quite cathartic and relieving. It was fun and very liberating. It wasn’t until my senior year at Southern Methodist University’s theatre program, where I had a very spiritual experience on stage while doing the play, “It’s All True” by Jason Sherman.
Those that I held in high regard, like my classmates and brother,were in the audience. Before I entered the stage, I thought I was going to die from my fear of not being good enough: I was a bundle of nerves! I didn’t have any choice but to get on stage. It felt like I was walking a tight rope, with no net to fall onto. It was all or nothing. I finally got on stage and something very interesting happened, I had no choice but to surrender to the fear, and somehow I became completely connected with my environment. I listened and became completely present. It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had. My senses were heightened.I did some of my best work that evening. I think back to it when I lose track of why I have chosen to act and what continues to inspire me as an actor.

Prynce P: What are some pros and cons on being an actor?
Ethan: The pros: you work through your issues.The creative inspiration can only be felt and loses its value when you try to explain it. It’s also taught me to have a point of view, to have an opinion, which ultimately helps you find your voice as an artist. When you work in TV and film – it also pays well!
The Cons: The lack of money! Picking up part time jobs to support your creative endeavor and career can be draining, but necessary. It’s so important to stay creative and not wait for permission to do so. It’s a tendency for an actor to fall into a void and wait for an audition or a phone call after the audition. An actors struggle can be food for his work. When things get too comfortable, it shows in poor light.

Prynce P: What are some projects that you have worked on?
Ethan:  I was recently cast inNCIS as a Systems Administrator for MTAC, a division of NCIS. I played a socially offbeat character that was eager to climb the ladder and gain respect from his boss and workers. It was very different from what I have been cast in the past. He wasn’t quite the terrorist or sleeper cell assassin from a made up Middle Eastern country. Besides that, a range of shows from 24, CSI:Miami, to Soap Opera’s like General Hospital: Nightshift, and Days of our Lives. I recently did a play called “Creation,” at the Boston Court Theatre in Pasadena. The stage is always so refreshing.


Prynce P: What actor or actress would you like to work with?
Ethan:  I have dreams, literally, about Al Pacino. That came off really weird. I would love to work with him. Daniel Day Lewis is a powerhouse of an actor. Their work ethic, level of commitment, focus, and discipline is ridiculous. They set the bar. Oh, and Meryl Streep. I just want to spend a day picking her brain.

Prynce P:  Being that you are Persian and in our culture, it’s all about being a doctor or engineer, does your family support you for choosing an entertainment field?
Ethan: This may take up more than a couple of pages! They do support me. It was a bit of an uphill battle when I was in college, but when the success starting rolling in, the cultural standard was challenged. My parents grew more supportive. They want the best for us. It’s a fine line because it’s essential for anybody at a young age to follow their dreams and passions but at the same time there should be a level of support from the parents. I think the whole purpose of art is to express the cultural barriers and differences. It’s the environment that we are raised on that becomes the well of water to draw from, when we express ourselves. Everything is in its right place.

Prynce P: Any upcoming projects?
Ethan: Yes! My brother and I are producing a short film that I have written and will be directing. I built it from ground up and am in the fundraising phase of the process. It’s a passion project that is based on a true story inspired by my cousin from Iran. I spent the last few months writing it and it will most likely end up being 15 minutes in length. Its about Two strangers that receive test results from the hospital –A young, up-and-coming sports agent has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, while a grim old loner, anticipating his own death, is sentenced… to live. We follow these two men as they are forced to leave behind their old lives — and face the deep yearning in their hearts.By chance, they each confide in the same woman—she is the mother of one of the men, and the salvation of the other. Then the hospital calls again, with some unexpected news. We just launched our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. 5% of our total funds will go towards American Cancer Soceity. Here is the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/still-here-a-short-film/x/4327275

Prynce P: How can the fans contact you? Do you have an official website?
Ethan:  Facebook is the best bet – They can directly contact me – But I do have a fan page as well – Ethan Rains

Prynce P: What is your favorite Persian food?
Ethan: I took my fathers food for granted until I moved to LA. There’s nothing better than home-cooked food – I crave it! My dad makes several dishes that would put most Iranian restaurants to shame. That said,I love his zereshk polo with chicken. How’s that for finglish?

Prynce P: Any last words or any advice for upcoming actor/actresses?
Ethan: Yes. Don’t wait for permission. All you need is a feeling and a vision – okay, you may need a dash of determination, and a tablespoon of resilience, but stick to your guns and enjoy the process! People mistake the end result as success, but I believe the process is the main ingredient.
Prynce P: Ethan, I thank you for your time and wish you the best! I have personally seen you on TV and LOVE your work.  I see nothing but success for you…