Prynce P: For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself.
Roosh: My name is Roosh Williams. I’m 25 and I’m from Houston. I graduated from UT Austin and I’m trying to turn dreams into reality.

  Prynce P: How long have you been doing music for?
Roosh: I recorded my first songs when I was 12 and released a bunch of random (and not so good) material over the years. I’ve really started gaining momentum and pushing it since I was 19, so it’s been quite a ride up to this point.
  Prynce P: Why did you get involved in music?
Roosh: Music moves me in ways that can’t be accurately expressed. Music helps you express emotions and vent in different ways, and for me, that’s primarily done with lyricism and melody. It just comes down to vibes and feelings that can only be achieved with good music.

  Prynce P: Who are some big names that you have collaborated with?
Roosh: I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with bunch of well-known artists that have well come before me. From legends like Devin The Dude and Scarface, to Bubba Sparxxx, to current prominent artists like Action Bronson and Grammy-nominated producer Like of Pac Div. One of my favorites is the fact that I have the World Famous Tony Williams on one of my albums, and I listened to him growing up because he was consistently on Kanye and Jay Z projects providing vocals.


  Prynce P: what is your favorite song that you have ever done and why?
Roosh: I think my favorite song that I’ve made is either “Beautifully Simple” from my first album or “R Double” from my upcoming 2015 album. “Beautifully Simple” is one of my favorite because the beat is very laid back and samples one of my all-time favorite songs of any genre by one of my all-time favorite artists (“Simply Beautiful” by Al Green), and it pinpoints a very unique point in my life, which was during my senior year at the University of Texas before I was about to graduate. “R Double” is one of my favorites because the sample is incredibly obscure, we made the record on Halloween day while on tour at a stop in Mississippi. Furthermore and most importantly: that record best showcases my personality on record.

  Prynce P: How would you describe your style?
Roosh: I would describe my style as laid back yet aggressive with a southern bounce and clear influences from both the west and east coast. I’m from Texas, but my musical taste has always been regionally diverse, so when it blends together, you end up with Roosh.

  Prynce P: What is your goal with music?
Roosh: Simple: To take it as far as I can and make a connection with as many people as I possibly can.


  Prynce P: And of course my favorite question, what is your favorite Persian food?
Roosh: Without a doubt it has to be Kabob, either Kubideh or Sultani

  Prynce P: If fans want to look you up or contact you, do you have an official website? Social media links?
Roosh: You can reach me on: Facebook – www.facebook.com/rooshwilliams twitter – www.twitter.com/rooshwilliams instagram – rooshwilliams soundcloud – soundcloud.com/rooshwilliams
  Prynce P: Any last words?
Roosh: I just want to thank any and every single person who has ever supported me. Whether they bought my album, bought a ticket to my show, posted my music on their facebook page, or whatever. I just want to say thank you. I see it all, and you are much appreciated.