Zeus Zamani is Co-founder and Executive Producer of AZ Productions- a feature film, commercial and music video production company based out in Los Angeles
Prynce P: Zeus, how did you get involved in producing?
Zeus: My brother, Ali Zamani, wanted to be a director since early age. When I finished my masters in Computer Science in London, I knew that the tech/corporate world didn’t have a draw for me. Ali was living here at the time and had just graduated with a Masters in Screen Writing so he convinced me to move to the States, so I did. After a year of attending film production classes at UCLA, we set up the production company.
Prynce P: I know that you have done music videos for Grammy award winning and Platinum certified artists, can you name a few for our readers?
Zeus: We’ve been very blessed and have had the pleasure of working with great artists such as Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Drake, Eve, T-Pain, Too Short, Rick Ross, Omarion, Lil Wayne, Christina Milian, and more.
Prynce P: That is very impressive! Besides you and your brother, who else in involved in AZ Productions?
Zeus: AZ Productions is co-owned by me and my brother – however we have a dedicated, extremely talented and loyal team of production coordinators, cinematographers, crew and editors who all contribute hugely to be able to achieve the end results that we deliver to our clients. Without them we would most definitely not be here today.


Prynce P: Are music videos your main focus at AZ Productions?
Zeus: No, we have actually directed and produced a dozen commercials (notably, one national campaign for Luxor Hotel and Casino). In the last few years we have also produced 5 independent feature films. Battlefield America, one which we produced in 2012 was released on 650 screens nationwide.
Prynce P: What is your ultimate goal?
Zeus: Our ultimate goal is simply to continue creating. We are slowly focusing more on feature films as both Ali and I are natural story tellers and being able to emotionally affect audiences through a visual narrative gives us great satisfaction!
Prynce P: I spoke to you earlier about a future project for one of my singles, but how can fans and future clients reach out to you? Do you have an official website?
Zeus: Sure, our website is www.azfilmstudios.com
Prynce P: What are some upcoming projects that you have on your agenda?
Zeus: We are going into production of our next feature film entitled “Opus of an Angel” in mid-March. It’s an intensive drama: “When a suicidal man that finds a blind girl lost and wandering the streets, he is torn between getting her home safe and keeping his appointment with death.”
This is an extremely exciting project – the script is written by Ali, and the picture will be directed by him.


Prynce P: I can’t wait to grab some popcorn and watch it. Now, my favorite question! What is your favorite Persian food?
Zeus: Most definitely Ghormeh Sabzi (But only the way my mum makes it!)
Prynce P: Maybe you can send me an invite next time so I can taste this famous Ghormeh Sabzi!
Z, first, I want to applaud you and your brother for your success and want to state that I love what you guys are doing. Thank you for taking the time on doing this interview with me and I wish you and the entire AZ Productions nothing but the best and hope to work with you guys soon.
Zeus: Thank you so much!!