Prynce P: For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself.
Motian: My name is Arash Motian, born in Tehran, raised in Oklahoma City. I have been doing music since 2006 but did not start releasing songs until 2009. I released a group album entitled “Local 2 Global” and a solo EP album entitled “Buried Treasure” which has done well in my city.

Prynce P: Why did you get involved in music?
Motian: For the love of it…

Prynce P: What inspires your music?
Motian: Life inspires my music! I feel that everything and everybody was put in your path for a reason. Whether good or bad it doesn’t really matter, it’s what we take from it that does. Music helps me find common ground.

Prynce P: Out of all of the songs that you have recorded or featured on, which one is your favorite? Why?
Motian: There is a huge project that I am a part of entitled “Sons Of Cyrus” featuring two other artists that are now very good friends of mine. (I had to get permission to speak on this one).
It’s a trip back to ancient Persia and I was chosen to step up and represent. You will see what I’m talking about soon enough, so stay tuned.

Prynce P: I have seen you perform live and you really know how to rock a crowd! What goes through your mind while you are on stage? You seem extremely comfortable up there.
Motian: Just knowing that people came out to see me perform and rap along to my lyrics is all the motivation that I need which inspires me to put out a good show.


Prynce P: What is your goal with music?
Motian: My goal is to have a long term career. I don’t really care for the lifestyle or the crooked industry, but I do it for therapy and all who support me.
Prynce P: Any upcoming projects?
Motian: I thought you’d never ask! Yes, I am recording my first solo album “Resurrection” as we speak. I’m shooting for mid-summer. I’m also featuring with various artists within my reach on a couple of big singles which I am not allowed to say as of yet along with a few big music videos. Things are looking up and I am a happy man…

Prynce P: And of course my favorite question, what is your favorite Persian food?
Motian: That’s a tough one but if I had to choose, it would be zereshk polo.
Prynce P: If fans want to look you up or contact you, do you have an official website? Social media links?
Motian: Find me on facebook.com/ArashMotian
Soundcloud.com/Motianmusic Instagram/Motianmusic and twitter/Motianmusic all music videos and short films at youtube.com/WridersTV or if you just wanna send me some feedback or a personal message, booking, features etc they can hit me up at [email protected].

Prynce P: Any last words?
Motian: I hope to shine a more positive light on our people and culture through my music. I do this for the fans!!!!