Prynce P: For 1453-33those who don’t know you, introduce yourself.
Miladic: My given name is Milad, the MC name came from that (Melodic). I was born in Tehran, Iran to two hardworking, blue-collar parents. My family and I moved to Jamaica, Queens, NY when I was 2 years old after the Islamic Revolution and during the Iran/Iraq war (1984). I was brought up in the NYC public school system, and finished with my Masters in Teaching at the Secondary level for social studies from the University of Stony Brook in Long Island, NY. I got involved in making music during my college years, and have been juggling music, coaching, and teaching since 2008. So to sum it all up, I am an Iranian-American New Yorker who teaches history, coaches girls’ varsity basketball, football, and makes east coast hip hop music, and I love every thing about everything I just mentioned [laughs].

Prynce P: Why did you get involved in music?
Miladic: I don’t think an artist can truly answer that question, in the same sense that one can’t answer the question of “why is your favorite color gray?” or “why is your favorite food chicken rolls?” it just happens naturally, organically, and just is.

Prynce P: What inspires your music?
Miladic: In addition to every artist from every genre that came before me, the thing that directly inspires my music today is everyday life. I think that there is nothing more beautiful than the simple struggles people go through daily in order to be happy. And the journeys they go through in order to maximize happiness make for the best content; the laughter, tears, and every emotion in between make for the realest experience.

Prynce P: With you being a teacher, how do you separate your musical and academic career?
Miladic: My best attempt at time management, haha! But in addition to that, there are times when I combine the two crafts, where I use hip hop music to teach history lessons. For example, a French Revolution rap from the perspective of a peasant, or a “freestyle battle” while teaching the Cold War, with each side representing either Capitalism or Communism.


Prynce P: Why did you choose Hip Hop?
Miladic: With any art form that one gets involved in, I truly believe that the artist is a fan first, and I guess that hip hop was the first art form that I naturally gravitated towards and fell in love with; outside of crayons and coloring books, of course!

Prynce P: Do you think that being from NY (Birthplace of Hip Hop) has helped you more in hip hop versus any other state? Personally, I have a lot of friends in NY and when I visit, I just get a different feel. The everyday hustle, the subways, the streets, etc… I feel as there is more of an interaction between people, thus, you learn something new each and every day. You know what? I kind of feel as I answered my own question, … but let me get your thoughts.
Miladic: Yeah you took half the words out of my mouth. I was going to say that I believe every person is a product of innate characteristics and upbringing, not just with musical ability, but with their whole personality and character in general. So yes, I do believe that being raised in New York has some advantages, but if you were born wack you will be wack no matter where you’re from [laughs]. In addition to that, I also believe that every city, state, or country has its own unique features that a naturally talented artist can, will, and HAS used as fuel to make dope music.

Prynce P: Any upcoming projects?
Miladic: Yessir! I currently have a single called “Wilderness,” that features the beautiful singing voice of Ashley Jana and production of Kurt “Goldenboy” Borst, available on iTunes. This is a part of an upcoming EP I have coming out, being released in 2016. I will also be involved in one of the most important songs I’ve been a part of to date, called “Sons of Cyrus,” recalling the glory and achievements of ancient Persia.


Prynce P: I love your music and can’t wait to hear your new projects! Now, for my favorite question, what is your favorite Persian food?
Miladic: You know I gotta go with a SPECIAL Sultani of boneless joojeh and barg kabob over white rice, lemon, onions, and a grilled tomato!

Prynce P: If fans want to look you up or contact you, do you have an official website? Social media links?
Miladic: Yeah, they can download free mixtapes and watch some music videos on www.miladic.com, and they can also find me on facebook (Miladic MC), Instagram (miladicmc), and Twitter (miladicmc). All welcome to follow, I promise to keep it entertaining…….and I follow back.

Prynce P: Any last words?
Miladic: Much love and thanks to you, P, and the whole JAVANAN family for the opportunity on this interview, and to everyone for their time reading this. To everyone out there, do everything in your power to maximize your happiness (without hurting anyone else) everyday, peace and love!