Judge Larry Stirling 

His public services to the U.S.A & California
“An extraordinary Man”


By: Dr. Reza Fadaei- San Diego Editor

Theodore Roosevelt once said: “The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight.”-Larry Stirling meets this criterion.
To be a good citizen, one most have a level of education, in that it helps others citizens make good decisions. It requires to have great critical thinking, and participatory skills such as deliberating civilly, monitoring the government, building coalitions, managing conflict peacefully and fairly, and petitioning, speaking or testifying before public bodies. Larry Stirling, exemplifies the aforementioned characteristics.
It is rare to find many great attributes in one single person, but that is the case when talking about Larry Stirling. He is an extraordinary well-mannered and pleasant individual that exemplifies what a good citizen is. His respect towards the law and others places on top of the list. Is an individual that puts everyone’s else’s needs above his own. He listens to the views of others and think about what they say. He has carried the voice for those people who are not in a position to help themselves. Larry’s work ethics and hard work have been exemplary in every position that he has held in private and public office.
In 1950, he migrated from Youngtown, Ohio to San Bernardino, California; where he worked as a residential construction electrician to support his wife and children. Motivated by learning, he graduated from Pacific High School in 1960, and attended San Diego State University, graduating in 1964 with a degree in Political Science, and was selected as an Outstanding Graduating student from the College of Arts and Letters.

Military Career
He emerges as a strong military leader when in 1965, he decided to join the US Army-motivated to further serve his country and empowered by the example of his brother, who fought and died in the Vietnam war. Commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1966, he leaded 500 infantry American and Korean enlisted men at Camp Red Cloud Korea. His military career progressively evolved helping him to achieve the rank of Capitan. As such, he had the honor to serve as an instructor to his fellow military colleagues, majors and captains, the advance infantry skills. In addition, for nine years, Larry served as a staff officer for the 12th Special Forces Detachment “Green Berets”. As a Major, he proudly retired from the Army after serving for 20 years.
Public Service
His long history of devoted public service started when serving as the Chairman of the award winning Model of United Nations Delegation at San Diego State University.In 1969 he served as a budget analyst, and as an advisor for managers and financial executives for the city of San Diego. His involvement with high profile city programs such as City’s water utilities projects and San Diego Police department, settled the platform, for Larry to become a Councilman, State Assembly member and State Senator.
Police Department Service
As the San Diego police department transitioned into a new modern era, Larry served at as an Operations analyst. His contributions were remarkable resulting in modernizing the police department by helping to establish the first dispatch system computer, 911 systems and ARJIS system and molding the department vision towards a new community orienting policing approach.
In 1973 Lary Stirling, as the Director of Finances for the Comprehensive planning organization known now days as SANDAG, participated directly in the planning and development of financial projects, to include environmental items such as land distribution, air pollution, city transportation and taxation issues.

Legislative Office
Upon completion of his active duty military term, Larry attended Western State School of Law and earned his Law degree; and in 1974 he passed the California Bar exam. In 1977, he ran and won the San Diego City Council District 7 seat. As the city moved into reshaping the financial and budgetary strategies, to better use these resources, and under the leadership of Major Pete Wilson, Larry Stirling became an integral part of the city council. During this period of time, Larry participated in building a new ideological infrastructure to create: new police stations, reduce traffic accidents and decrease crime. From 1980 to 1988 Larry continued to serve as a City councilman. In 988 he was elected to the 39th State Senator District. In 1989 Larry is appointed to the San Diego Municipal Court. For 14 years he served as a Municipal and Superior Court Judge, until he reached retirement in 2003.
Larry Stirling is an extraordinary leader that through the process of his career favorably influenced the quality of our government. He ignited social organizational change and contributed to legislation; but most importantly contributed to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common goal- to better San Diego. Behalf of the Javanan weekly magazine We wish him and his family more success.

قاضی لری  استرلینگ، از خادمان جامعه در سن دیه گو

دکتررضا فدایی -سن دیه گو
Judge Larry Stirling قاضی معروف تاکنون ارزنده ترین خدمات را به امریکا و ایالت کالیفرنیا ارائه داده است.
کمتر کسی را می توان یافت امثال Judge Larry Stirling با این همه خدمات ارزنده نسبت به کشور خود. او چه در دوران جوانی و چه اکنون همیشه جزء پیش کسوتان در راه خدمت به سرزمین خود زبانزد عام بوده است.
آقای استرلینگ در سال 1950 از ایالت Ohio به San Bernardino کالیفرنیا نقل مکان کرد و در شرکت برق جهت خانواده خود مشغول بکار شد. در سال 1960 از دبیرستان فارغ التحصیل شد و وارد دانشگاه ایالتی سن دیه گو شد و در سال 1964 بعنوان دانشجوی ممتاز در رشته علوم سیاسی تحصیلات خود را به اتمام رساند. در سال 1965 تصمیم گرفت وارد ارتش شود تا در این راه بتواند به کشور خود خدمت کند.
الگوی اصلی او برادرش بود که در جنگ ویتنام کشته شده بود. او وارد ارتش شد و پس از دوران فراگیری با درجه افسری به کشور کره که با امریکا در جنگ بود روانه شد. در این جنگ رهبری 500 نفر به عهده او بود. در این جنگ بی سرانجام تعدادی دوستان خود را از دست داد و پس از 20 سال خدمت بازنشسته شده و پس از آن که رهبری Special Forces را در ارتش بعهده داشت مجددا وارد دانشگاه شد و در رشته حقوق موفق به دریافت دکترای حقوق شد و وارد کارهای دولتی از جمله در سال 1969 مسئولیت Budget Advisor for Analyst برای امور مالی شهر سن دیه گو، آب و برق شهر سن دیه گو، اداره Police سن دیه گو، و سپس به عنوان Councilman و مقامهای دیگری مشغول خدمت شد. بین سالهای 88-1980 او جهت نماینده سنا انتخاب شد و سپس در سال 1989 بعنوان قاضی محلی و دادگاه عالی برگزیده شد و پس از 14 سال در سال 2003 خود را بازنشسته کرد. او هم اکنون در شهر سن دیه گو به عنوان یکی از برجسته ترین وکلا مشغول خدمت میباشد. همسر او هم خانم Linda Stirlingیکی از خانمهای موفق در این شهر بعنوان رییس بخش مالی یک شرکت مشغول کار میباشد.
مجله جوانان به هر دو آنها تبریک گفته و موفقیت بیشتری برای آنها خواستار است.