Santa Monica College’s Fashion Design and Merchandising Department Presents
LA MODE 2011


This year’s Fashion Department of Santa Monica College held its annual show on Thursday, May 19 at the California Market Center Fashion Theater in downtown Los Angeles, with an aim to be on par with higher professional institutes across the globe.
Under the direction of Fereshteh Mobasheri, the Coordinator of SMC’s Fashion Design and Merchandising Program, “La Mode 2011” featured the work of 24 designers from 12 countries in the categories of Contemporary Sportswear, Resort, Office, and Evening Wear.  Altogether, $2,000 in prizes was awarded for first, second and third place in the four categories. A portion of the proceeds went to Red Cross for Japan relief efforts.
Mobasheri shares her thoughts on what goes into the creation of the show and how important it is for young designers to take part in the experience.

International Flavor
“This show was absolutely beautiful to me because I had a group of students who worked so well together.
It was amazing to see these students who come from such diverse backgrounds and cultures, work so well together. One thing I noticed this tear regardless of if they were assistants, designers, models or whoever they were, they all wanted to do their best.
It was the first time I noticed it wasn’t who wanted to do what job, but ‘how can I help in any way’. “

Blood, Sews and Tears
“We start from a year in advance so today we start planning for next year. There are so many things involved. “

Alumni Connection
“This year I had two of my alumni coming back and telling me I can help you any way you want. Two of our judges were among them. I get emails from all my students from all over and how they are doing and how they are still designing and doing well in the industry.”

The Experience for a Young Designer
“The fashion show teaches them how to be a team player. No matter how good of a designer you are if you can’t work with everyone you will never be recognized or stay at the job you acquire. It also exposes them to different aspects in fashion, so the students can see if they are qualified within they are looking to do. And JavananMasa1251-03lastly, it shows quality of the work. It’s the way to show the quality of the education and gives them assurance that they are doing good. “

What is this thing called Fashion
“What the majority of people in a given place at a given time are wearing- that is fashion.
People can wear it. If nobody wears it’s not fashion.
I heard from people at the show this year that the fashion was very marketable.”

Santa Monica College student Inken Budde’s blue evening gown and Eria Fujiwara’s flowing brown resort dress were named Best in Show at “LA Mode 2011,” the college’s annual fashion show.
The winners in all four categories:
            o Contemporary Sportswear: Eria Fujiwara, first; Inken Budde, second, and Inken Budde and Yi Chen Tsai, tie for third.
            o Resort: Eria Fujiwara, first; Inken Budde, second; and Yi Chen Tsai, third.
            o Office: Thuy Pham, first; Inken Budde, second; and Julie McMurry, third.
            o Evening Wear: Inken Budde, first; Viviam DeSouza, second; and Carolin Oetinger and Lan Nguyen, tie for third.