The LA MODE 2012 looked more like an exciting evening at Fashion Week in New York than a student fashion show.
Staged in Los Angeles at the California Market in Downtown, LA MODE 2012 showed the contemporary designs of students in the Santa Monica College Fashion Design and Merchandising Program, a program directed and coordinated by Fereshteh Mobasheri.
The annual fashion show had students competing in four categories: Contemporary Sportswear, Resort, Evening Wear and Office.Art1308-02
Models walked the runway with hair perfected, flawless eyeliner and fit into the stunning designs like they were made for each of them. 
Fereshteh Mobasheri, Director and Coordinator of Santa Monica College’s Fashion Design and Merchandising Program said of this year’s program, “The thing that happened this year that was really amazing what the fact that the students got really involved in the whole thing. They carried and completed their tasks to the fullest.
“In previous years, they learned that when one person tries to do everything, they couldn’t do it. Now they work together and it’s fantastic. “
So even though it was a competition, students were lending a helping hand to each other and working together.
“It’s very friendly. Nobody puts anyone down,” Mobasheri says,” It was not a question of who the winner was; it was about doing the show the best way possible.”
The designs this year looked like something they would have in couture boutiques, in fact many students were approached by judges telling them to talk to manufacturers. Respected members of the fashion industry judged the designs.
The Fashion Design and Merchandising Program has grown in the last few years, with an increased number of students  and classes being offered. The program is comparable to , if not better than, other institutions in the country, Mobasheri says.
“We have more students interested in getting into the program and more students graduating. We are attracting students from all over the world. The quality of the students is notArt1308-03 matched by any other school. Part of it could be the location, I mean it is Santa Monica. But it is also that they want to be a part of a great program.”

Winners of LA MODE 2012

COTEMPORARY SPORTSWEAR:  1st- Janet Gracia, 2nd- Vida Bahpourian, 2nd- Samantha Safir, 3rd- Julia Korobenyuk. RESORT: 1st – Inken Brough, 1st- Natalja Sinyankovic, 2nd- Sara Norrman, 3rd- Svetlana Shigroff. EVENING WEAR: 1st- Inken Brough, 2nd- Emma Anderson, 3rd -Vida Behpourian. OFFICE : 1st- Yulya Korobenyuk, 2nd Vida Behpourian, 3rd Svetlana Shigroff, 3rd Inken Brough. BEST IN SHOW: Samantha Safir and Inken Brough
The Santa Monica College’s Fashion Design and Merchandising Department, under the direction of Fereshteh Mobasheri offer a growing program with enormous design potential within the industry. Students from all backgrounds can earn a A.A. or Vocational Degree and/or transfer to a university or institution.