By Justin Wallner
Vice President of World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards
Exclusive Personal Publicist of Dr. Antonio Gellini

Javanan International Weekly Magazine joins all Board Members of World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards Competition of Arts, Culture and Entertainment – 12 Olympias in congratulating Dr. Gellini, the Founder and Chairman of these organizations for your 2016-2017 Citizen of the Year Award presented by Los Angeles Unity Lions Club on December 10th, 2016!
We are proud of you for being granted this historic and prestigious distinction bestowed by the most meritorious and world-renowned humanitarian powerhouse known as the International Society of Lions Clubs. This honor says it all and we look forward to continue Making History together with you in the days and years to come.
Much respect is due for the great humanitarian work you’ve done over the years and we thank you for your hard work and dedication to truly noble and worthy causes both in America and around the world. Keep up the great work and, again, congrats!

Dr. Antonio Gellini has written over 40 plays and has appeared in numerous films and television shows worldwide. He has been recognized in such diverse parts of the world as Afghanistan, where he won the Best Director Prize in 1984 for his film The Border, and again in Tashkent (former Soviet Union) in 1985 for his short film The Dictators. The son of a diplomat, Dr. Gellini has lived in 23 countries before landing in Los Angeles where he has established several acting schools. It was in Los Angeles where he pursued his dream to truly globalize the art of film making by making the World Film Institute a reality and a recognized resource for filmmakers, film students and motion picture fans around the globe.




In 1995 he helped to break the Disney monopoly on family films when he worked with jack Valenti, the president of Motion Picture Association of America and then American President Bill Clinton to enact a law requiring every major studio and network to produce a minimum of three family films every year in order to stay in business. This has resulted in the creation of over a thousand family films since, harnessing the massive creative power of America’s many studios and networks to unify America and bring her families closer together.
Dr. Gellini is also Founder and Chairman of the Family Film Awards which first aired nationwide on CBS Network, sponsored by Microsoft and Co- Executive produced by the late legend of legends Mr. Dick Clark. It was the most successful and most highly-rated awards show that year. This legacy continues as Dr. Gellini recently announced the winners of the 20th Anniversary Family Film Awards at Cannes Film Festival in 2016. He is also Founder and Chairman of the world’s first Olympics of the Arts known as Olympia Awards Competition of Culture, Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias.
From the age of 5 it was his dream to share the celebration of cultural diversity that existed in his hometown of Marshad, Iran with the rest of the world. The first Olympia Awards will be held in 2017, helping to unify the cultures of the world through the Universal Language of ART. Dr. Gellini’s impact on American history through heart driven initiatives has earned the respect of dignitaries, executives, and heads of state and captains of industry from around the world.