Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.
Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
I want you to be everything that’s you, deep at the center of your being.


By Justin Wallner
Vice President
World Film Institute / Family Film Awards / Olympia Awards
Exclusive Personal Publicist of Dr. Antonio Gellini

Some have suggested that the glory of ancient Chinese culture is lost and needs to be reborn. Many people from China and other cultures maintain this viewpoint. Others have a more optimistic view. One of these people is Dr. Antonio Gellini, Founder and Chairman of World Film Institute, Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias.
Recently, at a most significant world-shaping conference in China known as Huawei Connect 2016, Dr. Gellini advanced a fresh perspective to the highly decorated gathering of leaders and dignitaries in attendance, a far more empowering mindset regarding Chinese culture. His response struck a chord within the hearts of many attendees in the audience and perhaps within the heart of the great country of China herself, echoing back through the halls of history to the very origin of China and the world’s many cultures. He said, “Chinese culture was never lost. It has been hidden for thousands of years and together we can bring it back.” Silence was then followed by resounding applause.




It was a message from the heart – a message of healing for the great people and great country of China. The mission of Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias is to unify the world through the Universal Language of Art and to transform the world from being mind-driven to being heart-driven to make the world a safe and noble place for everyone, especially children who represent our future.
As to be expected from the former business partner of revered American Icon and late legend of legends Mr. Dick Clark, who rose to the highest levels of fame during the classic Golden Era of Hollywood through his embodiment of American ideals and facilitation of a cultural wealth borne only through free artistic expression and unrelenting advancement of culture and the arts, his fellow American Icon Dr. Gellini maintains this legacy as a torch bearer of culture and champion of the arts.
There was a full roster of activities to do and many highly influential dignitaries, cultural icons and heads of state to meet all throughout the bustling metropolises of China during his recent Olympia Tour, much thanks to the American-Chinese CEO Society, a very well-respected organization throughout America as well as China, accompanied him along with Founder Mr. Robert Sun, whom he traveled with during much of his visit.



New Appointments
On behalf of Dr. Antonio Gellini as Founder and Chairman, Mr. Allan Jay Freidman as President, Mr. Justin Wallner as Vice President, Senior Vice Presidents Mr. Joel Diamond and Ms. Rossana Huang, Executive Vice President Mr. Ashkan Tabibnia as well as the Advisory Board including its President Mr. Mehdi Zokaei, Editor-In-Chief of Javanan International Weekly Magazine and the entire staff of Family Film Awards / World Film Institute / Olympia Awards Games of Arts and Entertainment – 12 Olympias, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the latest additions to our team, including but not limited to the following: Jennifer Harper-Heller as Chairwoman, James Haynes as Advisory Board Vice President, Linda Haynes as Board of International Coordinators Vice President, Jay Somaratne as International Coordinator of Consulates, Olympia Ambassadors to China Mr. Sang and Ms. Chen. We also acknowledge our Olympia Ambassadors to Turkey Shiny Burcu Unsal and Sergey Atilla Guber as well as Olympia Ambassadors Bryan Villareal and Wendy Vasquez.
Congratulations! We look forward to what the future holds for our causes and all involved.

To Be Continued…