The great and well experienced fitness trainer Mehdi Ansari believes exercise and sports have no boundaries. His students range in age from eight to eighty years old. According to Ansari, using pills and supplements for weight loss, or enhancement supplements and injections for muscle building, could potentially damage your liver, kidneys, heart, and deteriorate your overall health. Exercise could stop or reverse the the effects of muscle and joint aches, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other diseases. However, exercise and fitness workouts without a trainer could cause irrecoverable consequences to your health and well being.
Ansari’s perspective is that your ideal shape and health can be obtained with eighty percent healthy nutrition and twenty percent persistent exercise. I should mention that the Woodland Hills Athletic Club does have a childcare center for your little ones while you workout. You can even enjoy a delicious and healthy meal prepared fresh by the club’s savvy and gourmet chef. Ansari believes many Iranians have already abandoned some of our sinfully favorite domestic snacks for healthier alternatives. Many have also already joined the club so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
At nine years old, Ansari begun his fitness and exercise training under Master Hassein Kalabi, body building training with Master Mohsen Shakeri, and boxing training under Master Akbar Ahadi. Mehdi believes that many Iranians are unaware of the fact that typical joint aches, muscle stiffness, arthritis, back pain, and neck tension are curable with exercise. But unsupervised exercise could be dangerous and make a problem more serious or even be dangerous. When Ansari is asked why his Iranian students train under him, he said some attend the club seeking weight loss, some desire body building, but all of them are members because they want to lead a healthy and fit life.
Besides supervising his students exercise regiments, Ansari also offers them a full menu especially customized to their age and physical state. As mentioned earlier, weight loss and muscle building supplements will definitely have dangerous side effects, but healthy and nutritious meals will not. Ansari is such a devoted trainer, he will give the best recipes to his students so they can prepare their own healthy meals. But most of his students prefer to purchase the meal packages from the club’s wonderful restaurant and take home four days worth of scrumptious meals to heat and serve. Ansari also stays in constant contact with his students and monitors their daily meal plans for overall health. For those who want to invest in exercise equipment at home, Ansari strongly emphasized that, unless you have recently had professional training, it could have serious consequences.




Ansari believes age is not a barrier in sports. Many of his students, from eight to eighty years old, are enrolled in special courses for sports like basketball, soccer, boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. Among his students are many celebrities as well. CPA Marjan Ravanbakhsh, psychologist Foujan Zeini, the famous surgeon Dr. Bijan Afar, and the successful businessman Kamelia Jalilvand are all members of the Woodland Hills Athletic Club; and train under Ansari.
If you want to benefit from Mehdi Ansari’s expertise and enroll at his club, you must fill out a detailed health history about yourself and your family background. Next you will enroll in a ten session course. Some of Ansari’s students have lost ten pounds during these first ten sessions, while most have shed significant weight within three months without any risk of damage to their organs or overall health. Ansari strongly recommends that parents bring their children to the club with them. He wants them to start a healthy lifestyle that will stay with them forever and keep them away from several of the social evils in life.
The Woodland Hills Athletic Club is well equipped with the latest in fitness and sports equipment, private locker rooms, dry and steam saunas, and luxurious showers. The restaurant has the best variety of natural fruit juices and healthy gourmet meals and snacks. There is Zumba classes for maximum cardio fitness and yoga classes for the ultimate in focused stretch training. When your kids join you at the club, you can rest assured that they are cared for in the best manner possible. There is even physical therapists available, in case you experience any issues while training.
For further information, go to Mehdi Ansari’s website. He also encourages you to check out all the testimonials on Yelp. They will show you, first hand, how people have reached their ideal goals of health following the precious guidelines of Mehdi Ansari.


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