By: Farah Shokouhi

Cufflinks held an networking event that was hosted at Confidential in Beverly Hills, with special appearances and live performances by music artists and high-power Business Networking.

Cufflinks provides prestige, class and sophistication in Networking.


In 2012, Cufflinks Networking expanded in Beverly Hills, and the Chapter President Ernesto Valdez has made a huge impact in bringing back class and prestige to Beverly Hills.

The goal of Cufflinks is to network with the movers and shakers of the each city and host lavish events at luxury venues, mansions, upscale hotels, etc.  One must have a circle of influence to dominate his or her market place.

Cufflinks event was hosted by RuthAnne Ray.


Performers included Victor Orland, Jacnique, Ksandra LightinDark, Emily Marie, and DJ Highmaintenance

Celebrities included Pepa Serna, Carlos Ramsey, Rock Riddle, Patrick Kilpatrick, Mike Steffano, Al Bowman, Max Worthington, Jerry and Kodi  Angelo, Shelly Friend Starrett,  John Blyth Barrymore, Gary lee, Dianna Parro, Roman Simon, Lisa Marie Panagos, Brandon Shepard,  Tony Matt, and many more….