When Antonio Gellini teamed up with award-winning Writer-Composer-Lyricist-Producer, Allan Jay Friedman to create the Olympia Awards which honors the best movies of the Cannes, Venice, Sundance and other film festivals, he knew there was more he wanted to do. 

The Olympia Art Institute has announced that it will be opening as an international online school for all of arts with internationally renowned teachers. Under the institute will be the Olympia Awards, a two-hour TV special that honors the best of the best in every category of all the film festivals; the Family Film Awards, another two-hour TV special that honors the best of the best family films in every category; the Annual Symposium of Excellence that helps evolve the best of the best in every art form; and the Humanitarian Award, that honors those who have created the best of the best to serve humanity. These stellar entities will be presented at a banquet for 300 International Dignitaries at the Global Official Dignity Awards at the United Nations on June 20, 2014.

Its Founder and Chairman, Antonio Gellini, and his Partner and President and CEO of all of the aforementioned, Allan Jay Friedman, will follow the preceding event and productions with a Broadway musical written by multiple award winners, Mr. Friedman and Leslie Bricusse.


Mr. Friedman was the Producer-Creator and Composer of the Emmy Award Winning T.V. special based on “1000 Days of JFK” and was chosen by Jackie and Bobby Kennedy to be the producer of a series of documentaries based on the late President. The musical, “Kennedy,” is a celebration of the rekindling of JFK’s dream: to make the world a safe and noble place for children.  It was the longest running production at Chicago’s Drury Lane Theater.
Like all of the productions Mr. Gellini and Mr. Friedman are behind, their mission is “to use entertainment and media to educate, inspire and elevate consciousness and bring the world together in truth, love, peace and harmony”.

“If you don’t speak honestly about the lies our government and media are creating and perpetuating, you become not only a victim of them but their promoter,” Mr. Friedman said.
“And so it is important that we use entertainment, the press and media to eliminate the negative and replace it with only the positive. To do this, we must expose the evil taking place in the world today and replace it with the lofty dream the world was created to be.”

Along with “Kennedy,” Mr. Gellini and Mr. Friedman will be presenting “Story Teller’s Musicals,” with musical books and concerts. The purpose is to provide this type of Broadway musicals in countries where this entertainment is not easily accessible and to do so in a way that is affordable for audiences. 

Visit picturebookproductions.com and OlympiaArtInstitute.Org for more information.
(Sources: Allen Jay Friendman and Antonio Gellini).
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