NEW YORK- Mr. Antonio Gellini, the founder of the Family Film Awards and Olympia Arts, and his partner, Multi-Award Winning Producer-Writer-Composer, Allan Jay Friedman, the President and CEO of both of these distinguished enterprises, were honored on June 20 at the (G.O.D.) Awards, presented by We Care For Humanity (WCH) in New York.
A banquet for 400 dignitaries from around the world embraced this historical event “to unite the world through peace, love, hope, and the arts, which is the basis of every great civilization,” Friedman says.
Mr. Friedman was honored to give a speech at this historical event at the United Nations. Below is the excerpt of the speech:
“In these days of stress, hate and corruption, have you ever dreamed of a united and peaceful world filled with love, hope and passion…an exalted world which is a safe, free and noble place for children, a place where dreams come true…where living is not a struggle but a joy! Of course you  have…so has every human being since time began….always the same dream…some call it Shangri-La…others, Utopia, still others, Heaven. And, it is Antonio Gellini’s, and my, dream to make this dream come true.   
“Mr. Gellini and I feel it’s time to bring God, who inspires our dreamers, artists and creators, back into our lives and to educate our hearts, where God lives, and not just our mind. It is a time to transform our unhappy world into a joyful heart-driven world instead of a mind-driven one.
“For, the dream is the only reality and Olympia Arts, which is the presenter of the Olympia Awards, is here to be the protector of the dream, which is reflected through the seven arts.
“It has taken a visionary from a far off land, rather than America, to recognize this important need. And, he has done it through Olympia Arts, which is the ‘Olympics of the Arts.’
“Olympia Arts and the Olympia Awards which Antonio Gellini, the Founder of the Family Film Awards, created calls it is a two week ‘Celebration of the Spirit.’


“This ‘Celebration of Spirit’ will be done every four years, like the Olympics, with several 2 hour TV specials and other events honoring each one of the best of the best from each of the many categories within the 7 arts: literature, painting, music, dancing, sculpturing, theater and film; and, a Humanitarian Award for the most noble artist of all.
“During this 2-week transcendent experience, there will be:
1. A one day “Symposium of Excellence.” This will feature people from the different categories of the 7 arts. They will evolve the making of the “best” artists in the world.
2. A “Course of Legends” will be a one day entertainment seminar with the best of the best from each of the categories within the 7 Arts. They will reveal how they found and manifested their purpose-driven-destinies.
3. Olympic Arts will be an Internet School featuring the best teachers in the world from each of the categories of the 7 Arts.
“These will be followed by a broad spectrum of already written theatrical musicals, concerts and movies created to educate, inspire, elevate and entertain. 
“It is the mission of Olympia Arts to bring our world together through that which is the basis of every great civilization and lives on long after we have all gone: the 7 Arts.
“And, it all begins with being heart-driven and not mind-driven and trusting our goose bumps (intuition), which is that whisper from God.”
WCH Founder and President, HH Princess Maria Amor Torres, DD said: “This is one of the biggest collaborations in the history of philanthropy.”
2nd Global Officials of Dignity Awards (G.O.D. Awards) is  “the leading international awards honoring excellence of individuals who have outstanding civic, charitable stewardship and have significantly improved the quality of life in their communities through their expertise…” as stated on the G.O.D. Awards website.
To find out more about Olympia Arts, visit www.olympiaartsinstitute.org