This article is a continuation of a previous article about the Founding of the Olympia Awards (The Olympics of the 7 Arts – music, art, literature, sculpting, dance, film, theater) and the Family Film Awards by Antonio Gellini and the choosing of his new partner and the President and CEO of the Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards, Allan Jay Friedman.
The Premise of “The Olympia Awards” (The Olympics of the 7 Arts) and the Family Film Awards and the future Olympia Arts TV Network and Production Company of which AJF and AntonioGellini are Co-Founders and Co-Chairmen is:
To educate, inspire and elevate the world through entertainment; and, to transform the world from being mind-driven into being heart-driven. The following projects are among some of the projects written to make the world a free, safe and noble place for children. We call our overall plan, the “Dream of Camelot.”
1.“Pinocchio and Mounette,” movie and musical.
2.”Kennedy Camelot,” movie and musical.
3.”Undaunted,”movie and Modern Utopian Opera.
4.”American in Paradise,” movie and musical.
5.”Working Girl’s Guide to Finding a Mate,” movie and musical.
6.”White Star,” movie and musical.
7.“Obnoxious and Shameless,” movie and musical.
8.“The Piano Bench,” movie and musical.
9.“Kingdom of Innocence,” movie and musical.
10.“Trust Your Goosebumps, Cornelius Puck,” movie and musical.
11.“Timothy Bolt and the Great Machine,” movie and musical.
12.“Superwimp,” movie and musical.
13.“El Paso,” movie and musical and TV series.
14.“An Act of God,” movie and musical.
15.“Mistress Sally and the President,” movie and musical.
16.”Return to Paradise,” movie and musical.
17.”Why?” – movie and musical.
18.“Love in a Piano Roll Factory,” movie and musical.
19.“Calamity Jane and Wild Bill,” movie and musical.
20.”Going Sane,” (Based on Samuel Butler’s “Erewhon”), movie and musical.
21.”Fairy Tale That Isn’t” (Greatest Story Never Told) – movie and musical.
22.”Man on a White Horse,” (Based on Shakespeare’s “King Richard,” Part 4) -`movie and musical.
23.”Count of Monte Cristo” (Based on the Classic), movie and opera.
24.”Trilby” (Based on the Classic), movie and musical/opera.
25.”Dulcinea,” movie and musical.
26.”The Beautiful People of Beverly Hills” (Charisma), movie and musical.
27. “Moonchild,” movie and musical.
28. “H.O.T.,” movie and musical and TV series. (Treatment completed).
29. “Snow Right and the Seven Butterflies,” movie and musical.
30. “My Brother’s Keeper” (The Elynor Rudnick Story), movie and musical.



A 600 page, 5-Part Novel has been written called, “Dream of Camelot.” It will be given to 400 Ambassadors at a banquet at the United Nations. This will be followed by five motion pictures and 3 musicals.
The “Dream of Camelot”is a five-part reincarnation story that follows the evolution of our hero, Timothy Bolt, through four incarnations in an action-adventure story that takes him from an era of a heart-driven idealism to a mind-driven cynicism where the once humane world is transformed into a robotic, computerized Machine. What Timothy uncovers is the secret code to manifest and unlock this One World Order that brought about this evil transformation. In the process, he reveals why and by whom this Order was created. By so doing, he hoped to avert this unknown shadow group’s mission to enslave the world and destroy the “Dream of Camelot.”
Allan Jay Friedman is a multiple award winning Producer-Writer-Composer and Lyricist. He has 9 Published Musicals including “The Hobbit,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “Kennedy,” “Trust Your Goosebumps, Cornelius Puck,” “Snow Right and the Seven Butterflies” and an offer from major companies on 10 others. His partners and collaborators include: Jackie Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, David L. Wolper, Robert Stigwood, Gene Kelly, Steve Allen, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, Gloria Swanson, Hal David, Sammy Cahn, Paul Francis Webster, Bob Merrill, Robert Fisher, Leslie Bricusse, Dale Wasserman, Eddie Heyman,Jonathan Tunick, Paul Manning, Robert Fisher, Mildred Cram, Vidal Sassoon, HoumanMahboubi, Stanley Ralph Ross, Mazie Scherr, Rouben Terzian, Bill Froehlich, Jeff Silbar, Michael C. Tobias, Robert C. Locke, Robert Rudnick. The projects listed are comedies, love stories, dramas, action-adventures and family and children live action and animated musicals. They will include Picture Books and CD’s (EX. “Pinocchio and Mounette” Book and CD already Published and a ‘model’ for the others), Movies, TV, Cable, All Media, Theater,Stock Amateur Rights, extensive Toys, Video Games and Merchandizing of all kinds. Each project is a Brand unto itself.
Google: picturebookproductions.com, [email protected], 310-474-5205
Allan Jay Friedman Productions, 10401 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 416, LA, Ca. 90024