A week ago we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the former Under-sheriff and present Mayor of city of Gardenia Mr. Paul Tanaka at Radio Javanan’s Studio One. 
Paul Tanaka is running for the High Office of LA Sheriff and it seems that he is the front runner of the somewhat crowded race.
Mr. Tanaka is a veteran of LASD with 33 years of experience in law enforcement, in the last ten years of  his job at LASD he also was responsible in dealing with the mega budget of the LASD which is nearly three Billion dollar a year, the LASD with over 18000 Sheriff Deputies is the largest Law Enforcement department in the country.
During the interview Mr. Tanaka was very candid about himself and the importance of the coming election for LASD – Paramount factors related to the Sheriff department including the importance of the services and the philosophy of LASD was explained for the listeners, issues that each and every person wants to know for security of self, family and property … freedom of enjoying the security without fear in a safe and secure city – the realistic view points that our listeners were concerned and had previously provided questions were discussed with ample satisfactory answers.
Among the questions that were answered in detail was the social structure of city with its many diverse issues and needs that were explained for the listeners – the importance of common sense leadership and its effect was portrayed in a simple understandable language.
The importance of the high office of the Sheriff and the concept of the responsibilities of the Sheriff towards the public and deputies and the commitment that the job requires for better service to the public was explained that how sound knowledge and experience can contribute to a better functioning organization – the hard work that the deputies put into their job and the sacrifices they go through as part of the commitment was certainly acknowledged.
It goes without saying that desire to take a step forward and beyond is part of the leadership responsibilities where by we can see that strength and skill is portrayed in inspiration for reaching objectives that are essential in variety of programs.
Some of the questions from our listeners was related to the number of candidates and the day of the election – which by the way is 3rd of June. 
One of our commentators after the interview told me … I saw a leader who is courageous, dependable,creative, very energetic, dedicated and has an interesting intelligence analytic approach to responsibilities