Pedram Couture:
Meet Pedram Taheri, the Man Behind a Fashion Movement

By Justin Frank

Pedram Pasha Taheri founder of Pedram Couture, which has recently taken the fashion world by storm, has had a passion for fashion since his days as a young child in his native Iran. Pedram has managed to break through the concrete barrier of gown culture by embracing couture’s core principal of exhaustively careful construction.
“I remember being five or six years old and adults like my mom’s friends and family members always asking me about what they were wearing or what they should wear,” said Pedram, whose bridal collection is now available world-wide, including at the famous bridal store Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City.
Pedram lived in Iran until he was 12-years-old and after his father died of cancer his mother brought him to the United States and settled, in of all places, New Orleans, not exactly known as a hot spot for Persian culture.
Being so far away from the Persian community actually gave Pedram the desire to seek it out.
“It made me more hungry for anything cultural or Persian,” Pedram said. “I even designed our house in Persian style, French European, like our house back in Tehran”
Pedram, who attended Louisiana State University (LSU), used to seek out anyone on campus who was Persian and even founded a Persian association on campus and became its president.
Even though, he had an undeniable love for fashion, Pedram actually majored in interior design at LSU, because he was hesitant about a future in the fashion industry.
“I was scared to go into fashion. I didn’t really see how I could reach out and grab the world out in Hollywood and become a famous fashion designer,” Pedram said. “I figured if I majored in interior design, I could do it anywhere.”
But, Pedram had to follow his dream. In 2008 he accepted a job in Los Angeles as a men’s clothing stylist for celebrities and athletes for about eight months. Pedram then returned home to New Orleans, and began to slowly cultivate his own brand focusing on his true passion, women’s eveningwear and bridal.
“I eventually started to pick up steam and was starting to get my name out there,” Pedram said.
Pedram’s first big break came with an invite to New York Fashion Week in 2014.
“I’ve done several fashion shows since and I am so lucky and thankful my hard work is paying off.”
Pedram still spends most of his time in New Orleans working with clients at his atelier. He also makes monthly trips to Los Angeles to work with more clients. Of course when in Los Angeles, Pedram makes sure to partake in as much Persian culture as possible.
“When I’m (in L.A.) I eat Persian food almost every day,” Pedram said. “I make sure I go to pastry shops too. I can’t get it in New Orleans.”
Persian culture even influences his designs although Pedram isn’t always aware of it during the process.
“It’s really an unconscious thing,” Pedram said. “It usually takes me to see the finished product to see that my work has a lot of Persian influence.”
As Pedram continues to make a name for himself in the fashion industry, having celebrity clients wear his designs at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Latin Music Awards, Espys and the satisfying results of working as a celebrity designer, he can’t help but take the occasional moment to reflect. With time, Pedram Couture gradually adopted a social media community of “seekers:” women with highly visible personas (most notably a dedicated clique of high-profile reality stars like Gretchen Rossi, Nene Leakes, Malika Haqq, Mersedes Javid, and singers like Sepideh, Christina Milian, Toni Braxton and Ashanti to name a few) who began taking to social platforms to seek out Pedram pieces and subsequently displaying them to their audiences.


“Some days I think to myself, ‘wow this is going fast,’” Pedram said. “I’m getting to meet and make friends with all these celebrities and I am earning the respect of the fashion industry. It’s an amazing and humbling feeling”
“I just love seeing how happy my clients become from their first fitting to their last,” Pedram said. “Starting from muslin raw fabrics and molding them into a custom product that becomes so well fitted. Sometimes women will tear up and tell me how their waist never looked this small. It’s a good feeling. I study their bodies and know what fits each type.”
Despite his bridal line being sold in stores all over the world, his name nicely evolving into a fashion mainstay, Pedram still has his ultimate goal in mind to find his work on the body of famous actress Charlize Theron.
“I want to become my own fashion house and a well-respected designer,” Pedram said. “When you say Pedram Couture, I want people to say ‘isn’t that the dress Charlize Theron wore?’ She’s my idol.”


Cover photo by: Arthur St. John.
Cover models, Clockwise from left: Malika Haqq, Mercedes Javid, Pooneh Mahshadi, Gretchen Rossi, Sepideh
Makeup & Hair: Henry Zador & Brandin Palestino