By Farah Shokouhi

Roman Simon is Writer and producer for his film Productions, he is the grandson of former Haiti President and is talented and experienced person, who has produced multiply films that have been distributed, given recognition and attracted attention in US and internationally.
Roman has over 25 movies and TV titles under his belt. He has received multiple awards for directing movies of different genre’s and has been awarded the title of Best New Director in Hollywood. His two upcoming film already making a lot of noise, Fason Nou and Tragedy of a Mother and Son which is coming soon. He had worked with celebrity like usher, Michael Jackson, Howie Mandel, Will smith and many more. He is also Founder of RS film production where producing quality film, video and promotional/advertisement.
Roman has a new talk show, which is coming soon on cable television, that looks at beauty of its stars and the world that surrounds them, with its daily jolt of all things sinfully interesting such as Fashion, Food, Red Carpet event, entertainment news, education, domestic violence and other hitting topics. This talk show is produced by Roman Simon and hosted by Liz Fuller former UK beauty queen, host of over 100 TV shows.