She is a person known, admired and respected by all, including:  Pope John Paul, II, Mother Teresa and the United Nations to name a few.  Her complete financial support in creating and building several orphanages and other humanitarian institutions as well as her humanitarian activities have made her known, loved and held very close to the heart of thousands of children around the world.  In fact, Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit’s activities and peace missions are the reason for her popularity on a world-wide scale.
Dr. Maya Rumantir Hutasoit is an advocate of global world peace, religious harmony and humanity.  Her favorite saying is:  “Diversity without unity leads to chaos.  Diversity without unity will also lead to problems—without unity we sink into anarchy.”
Most people consider Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit an angel who has proven to be so by her actions; protecting and helping all people in need.  She has never refused her good deeds to anyone.  The Senator’s helping hands have reached the far corners of Asia, all of the Middle East, the heart of Africa and many other lands.
Dr. Maya Rumantir Hutasoit is also an international singer who is especially popular in all of Asia including Indonesia.  In fact, on June 22 of this year, she had a grand concert in Southern California entitled “Peace and Friendship: Concert and Interfaith Prayer” which gathered the leaders of all religions.  The religious leaders prayed in their own language with their own methods under their own flags with all others.  No wonder she is able to prevent or at least push back “the forces threatening archipelagic balkanization.”
Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit knows about Iran and has a special love and closeness with and for Iranians.  She knows and believes Iran is a great land of culture and historical achievements and is considered the birth place of civilization.  She plans to introduce and use some Persian melodies and Persian lyrics in her new CDs.
Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit, who will be inaugurated as a Senator for Indonesia, a country with over 300 million people, is very “down to Earth” and sensitive.  She will cry at any baby’s pain or for any person in need.  She would run to help anyone, no matter where they are.

* * *

Dr. Maya Rumantir Hutasoit married Mr. Takala MG Hutasoit, a very well known and successful business man, approximately 10 years ago.  From that time, they have both continued to extend their good deeds and humanitarian activities throughout the world, so it is no wonder that the official representative of the Pope, Ambassadors from many nations, ministers and the heads of all military branches and most well known artists from that part of the world attended their wedding.
Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit started singing and song writing in her early teens and with her angelic voice, she captured the attention of everyone who listened to her.  She attended many schools and pursued her education at accredited schools and universities until she obtained two PhDs in Philosophy, one with an emphasis in human resource development and one with an emphasis in business administration from American University and Pacific University.
From the 1970’s through the 1990’s, the Senator was the recipient of many awards and titles in modeling, singing, fashion, special achievement as a woman, best business woman, best achievement in Indonesian culture and many more.  She has been awarded more than any other Indonesian woman in recent history.
Dr. Rumantir Hutasoit also has a manufacturing company that produces her own fashion designs.  Additionally, she has published a book entitled “Life is a Blessing.”  This book was even performed on stage in Rome in 2002 and was loved by critics.  That made her even more popular and famous throughout the world.  Because of it, she was blessed by receiving prayers from the Pope, Mother Teresa, and any person who knew or knows her.
It should also be mentioned that her new song, and its lyrics about peace and humanity, has been adopted by all branches of the Indonesian military and has now been accepted and approved for use by the United Nations.  So, it is easy to figure out the reasons behind her popularity and fame around the world.