By: Dr. Reza Fadaei- San Diego

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of an exclusive interview with Dr. David Andrews an extraordinary president of the National University system with 26,000 students and annual budget of $250 million dollar. Dr. David Andrews has been recognized as a team builder and a topnotch organizations strategist. Dr. Andrews come to National University from Johns Hopkins University top tenuniversity in the U.S.A. 2016, and in the short time, he did an excellent job and continue.
In my interview, I asked Dr. Andrews several questions as the following:
Q, where did you earned your degree?
A. I earned my doctorate and master’s degree from Florida State University and B.A. from University of Auburn.
Q. When did you join the National University System as president?
A. Three years ago, I joined the National University as President and Chief Administrative Officer overseeing a University with 26,000 students on .
Q. What was your position before you joined the National University System?
A. I served as a Dean of the Johns Hopkins University school of Education and Professor. Participate in University decision making through the Council of deans and more and more positions.
Q. My last question is about your publications, as I know, you have excellent background in the higher education, how many publications do you have?
A. I have more than hundreds publication, article, and presentation and I continue.
Thank you so much Dr. David Andrews for your time and thanks to Mrs. Pauline You’re your executive assistant for her help on this interview and on behalf of the Javanan International Weekly Magazine, we would like to express the best wishes to you and your families.
Dr. David Andrews asked that I extend his thanks to Mr. Mehdi Zokaei Executive Editor &Editor-in-Chief and staff of Javanan International Weekly Magazine.