Kamran a naïve man from Texas:

After some four years, of deceit, conspiracy, treachery and vengefulness, I finally enjoyed a peaceful nights sleep.

Just seven years ago, I was at the peak of my happiness when a drunk driver killed my wife, Mina.  I was able to see her before she passed away, while taking her last few breaths.  She kept on kissing my hands and pleading with me to not to grieve or cry for her and to go and live my life.

Her untimely death put me in a fury of frustration, suppressing me from socializing or mingling with anyone.  I became deeply depressed just thinking about her while tears would well up in my eyes.  My grief was obvious from the way I spoke on the phone with my dear mother in Iran.  She tried to console me with the thought of returning to Iran for a while, so that I could get some kind of relief.  Overwhelmed with obsessing thoughts, I just packed up and headed to Iran.  Now, surrounded with my family and friends, they tried to find me another soul mate, but I did not intend to replace my dear deceased spouse with any one. 

During the second week in Iran, my sisters held a party and invited dozen of young women who were seeking marriage.  Among those beautiful young women, spontaneously I was drawn to Shila, who was attending an English class with my sisters.  I was really infatuated by her beauty, because she seemed to be the embodiment of an Iranian ideal. The sight of her deeply bewitched me.  I have to admit, I fell in love with her before she even approached me.  It must have been her sense of style.  When she came up to me, the first thing I definitely noticed was her legs.  She had these great, sexy legs with really muscular, defined calves.  I think I was too intimidated by her sexy style. I was too nervous to look in her magical eyes.  I do not remember them, but I would guess that they were glowing and arousing.  Her makeup was very light, almost unnoticeable.  Her hair was straight and fell to her shoulders.  After an introduction, I started to shake her hand, but she embraced me instead.  She was so unbelievably beautiful.  When the time came and I was leaving Iran for Texas, she tearfully hugged me whispering that she would wait for me to seal the deal.  Once back in Texas, after staying in Iran some three weeks, we both continued our long distance romance for about three months.  Unwilling to prolong the excruciating separation, I opted to return to Iran to marry her.  Returning once again to Iran, I looked to her as my sole soul mate, whom I could rely on throughout my life.  We tied the knot after some ten months into our friendship.  She joined me two months later and we began a family life. 

I purchased a 5 series BMW for her and an adorable house with tons of windows and a breathtaking view of the Texas skyline.  The yard was straight out of a fairy tale, lined with lush trees and brightly colored flowers.  I felt like I had it all.  After about four months into our marriage, she asked me to get her sister and her God brother visas, to come visit us.  After having spared nothing to provide her guests with all the comforts and fanfares, her sister returned to Germany, while her God brother stayed with us, at the insistence of Shila.  At that time I had just been promoted, becoming the company’s top account executive, mostly because of my skills.  This meant that I now had to shuttle between Europe and the United States, as a senior representative, making contracts between our company and European ones.  I felt comfortable that my sweetheart, Shila was not alone and her brother would take care of her in my absence. 

Shila was always so concerned about her residence status and had been pressing me to get her green card as soon as possible.  She also pleaded with me to do the same for her God brother.  The day she got her green card, she was full of joy, showering me with kisses.  When she got pregnant, I was so excited with anticipation to see our child around us.  Once our son was born, our cocoon was filled with joy and happiness.  Conveniently, she soon developed behavior problems.  She always got lonely when I was at home.  There was no more spark and flame in our bedroom as she pretended to be suffering from a feminine illness.  Our chats blossomed once in a while, but then she always turned me down when I would beg her for intimacy.  I fretted for seven long months over whether to stay with her.  My gut just kept telling me someone else was out there. 

Once, I was back at home from work, she was in a rage, smashing a wooden chair over my head.  Soon after that, the abuse started. Other times she would hit me and shove me.  I was frustrated and scared and I was afraid for my son.  During our last fight, she slapped me in the face, which put me in a furious rage and I shoved her to the light kitchen stove and her short skirt caught afire.  Rushing out of the house, she began crying for help.  In a blink of an eye, I found myself in police custody.  Now I had been charged as an abuser with a witness.  The witness was her God brother, Bijan, whom I had helped with everything.  After hiring a lawyer, I finally got out of jail and was faced with a divorce, filed by my wife.  She now owns all my property and has even taken away my dear son.  I was really on the verge of committing suicide to avoid this hell hole. 

But after sometime, I learned, from our joint friend, that Shila had cheated on me from the very first.  In fact, Bijan, was not her God brother, but he was her long time boyfriend.  That they had hatched a plot to get to America and then marry each other.  Now I realized that both of them were nasty wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I also learned that my son not my biological child and his father was Bijan.  I followed up with my own lawsuit with hard evidence that finally put both of them behind bars.  Now,  justice has been served and they are both on the verge of deportation.  I am truly not happy about this incidence, but at least after four years of being cheated, I now enjoyed a peaceful sleep last night.  Presently, I am fine-tuning my life in a continual process and that is okay.