1462-31“TATIJANA”, a third-generation member of the SHAYKHAN family of champion athletes, is on her way to college and a burgeoning tennis career.
TATIJANA SHAYKHAN, is the eldest daughter of SHAHRAM SHAYKHAN and grand-daughter of PARVIZ SHAYKHAN, the head of TAJ SPORT CLUB.  Parviz Shaykhan reflects on Tatijana’s childhood, relating that this young Iranian-American is a remarkable tennis champion, and her days were filled with piano recitals and dancing.  The beaming grandfather would ask his grand-daughter “Tatiajana my darling, what do you want to do for fun?” and she would reply “I want to be a tennis player just like you!”  Clearly under the supervision of her coaches and experienced grandfather, she has undertaken this endeavor with much seriousness and dedication.
In Florida, she has one of the most distinguished coaches and advisers in the field of professional tennis, and she has gained the skills and experience to coach some of the younger athletes.  Tatijana also participates in tournaments throughout the US and international arena, and while her medals and awards are many, her academic achievements are just as stellar.  Accepted into no less than 6 major universities, she has also been granted a full-scholarship of over $400,000 to LOYOLA UNIVERSITY in Southern California.  Tatiajana’s mother, TANYA, is elated with her daughter’s tremendous success and along with ZHILA SHAYKHAN, Parviz Shaykhan’s wife of many years, they gathered to celebrate Tatijana’s high-school graduation.  As part of a legacy of champions, we congratulate Tatiajana on her achievements, and welcome her into the TAJ SPORTS CLUB family.
TAJ SPORTS CLUB, PR OFFICE – Mohammad Izadmehr